Why Is My Jamb CAPS Showing Only Welcome

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Why Is My Jamb CAPS Showing Only Welcome.

Are you looking for solution to Why Is My Jamb CAPS Showing Only Welcome?

If yes, then feel free here.. This is a guide on Why Is My Jamb CAPS Showing Only Welcome and how to resolve it.

Why Is My Jamb CAPS Showing Only Welcome.

Caps Says Welcome: When you login to Jamb Profile and Click on Jamb Caps, the first thing you will see is welcome. If you are checking with phone, you may be stuck at that welcome Page. You must request desktop version to pass the Welcome page and scrolled down to Desktop version heading. access Jamb CAPS Portal 2020/2021 here

Jamb caps says welcome

Alternatively: When you see welcome in your Jamb caps, scroll down and click check admission status

2020/2021 Jamb Caps FAQ Questions And Answers

Question 1: Sir pls wen i logged in to my jamb profile i saw not admitted whereas the school i chose has not yet released admission list.

Answer: If the school you chose has not released admission list and has not sent the names of those admitted to Jamb, your admission status would show not admitted in Jamb caps. The admission process is still on. Keep checking until your school releases all the batches of her admission list.

Mind you, not admitted in Jamb Caps doesn’t mean that you will not be admitted for this year. It only mean that you have not been admitted by Jamb Yet.

Question 2: Why is d institution and course blank in Jamb Caps.

Answer: It is normal for nothing to be written under Institution and Course on Jamb Caps when you have not been offered admission. Immediately you are offered admission, the school you have been admitted to and course will be updated.

Question 3: Please sir My school admission status is Showing Admitted, and my Jamb CAPS is showing not Admitted, and I mistakenly Accepted it please what should I do?

Answer: It could be that Jamb has not sent the list to Jamb. Also, the list would have already been sent and Jamb is yet to fully upload it. Until you are admitted, the reject or accept button won’t be effective. If Jamb admits you, it is sure that your school of Choice will offer you admission as well.

Question 4: Pls the website is telling me invalid login credentials..y please?

Answer: The only login you need is login to Jamb Profile. You don’t need special login for Jamb caps. If you are having issues loggin in to Jamb profile, ensure your email is correct and you typed the password exactly how it should be.

If the issue persists, click on forgot password to get a link to enter new password in your email.

Question 5: When i check my admission status with caps i meets NOT ADMITTED due to my browser fault i mistakenly click on Accept. Hope without affect my admission and any help or enlightenment please.

I mistakenly click on accept in d jamb caps while my admission status says not admitted.

Answer: It won’t affect you.

Question 6: Sir I was offered admission via CAPs bt my admission status display not yet admitted…. nd my school had release there admission list nd I was admitted I’m just confused.

Answer: It means you have been admitted by your school but they have not yet updated on Jamb portal. Some schools send admission list to Jamb caps first before updating it in their website. Congratulations because your admission is sure.

Question 7:

1..Pls abt de deadline…my own deadline of 72hrs is today…is they chance for me to accept tomorrow?
2..after the deadline they will cancel my admission?

Answer: You can accept tomorrow. Yes, your admission would not be terminated after 24 hours. You will always have change to accepted so long you have not rejected.

Question 8: I saw approved and my details are intact, am offered d institution and course om my choice and av accepted it….how about dat?

Answer: Congratulations! You have been offered admission.

Question 9: In the caps portal i saw my credentials and my school of choice including my selected course, admission status showed approved and my schools list is not yet out what does it mean. Please I’m seeing recommended in my caps admission status. Should i accept?

Answer: Recommended in Jamb caps mean you are eligible for admission. Jamb has recommended you to another school for 2020/2021 admission.

The bad thing about it is that your school of choice may eventually not admit you. But another school will offer you admission.

Question 10: I open the link I types my ref number everything came out perfect I tried loading to accept.. it only loads and stop and doesn’t show any other page.. does that mean that have accepted the admission??…

Answer: Try using another browser and get back to me if the issue continues. I highly advice you not to use opera mini in your phone. You are free to check with opera mini in your laptop.

Question 11: Hi, good evening. Please sir need ur help. I have been given admission wn i checked my CAPS. Meanwhile my school have not released admission list yet. My problem is, when i congratulations u have been offered admission i clicked accept. It shows updated successfully. When i log in again, it’s showing blank, with the accept n reject button both inactive. Whats is the implications, where do i stand sir. Sir please forget how i will feel just tell me the real meaning of it. Thanks. Indeed you are bringing out the potentials in others

Answer: Congratulations! you have officially been offered admission. You have already accepted, that is why the buttons are now blank. Gather you things and school fees.

Questions 12: What does admission in progress mean in Jamb caps.

Answer: As the name implies, admission in progress means that you are being considered for admission. It will change to Congratulations, you have been offered admission.

Questions 13: What should i do after i have accepted my admission

Answer: Wait for your school to announce registration or clearance date. Follow your school of choice clearance instructions and boom, welcome to 100 level.

Other Jamb Caps FAQ:

  1. My status is showing ” recommended” can I accept it
  2. My status is showing “recommended” what does it mean
  3. Mine is showing admission in progress..bt before that it showed proposed in the admission status,after clicking accept later showed records updated..but now all it shows is admission in progress..
  4. Good evening sir, I have been admitted in to AAU, but I checked on jamb caps, but I’m still seeing not admitted…What do you think could be the problem sir?
  5. my comment is as the person that comments earlier,abt the direct entry.it redirected me to the jamb portal,but after entering the required informations it opens the profile i did during the DE registration.just like you wrote on the admission checking link,it asked for year and registration number,but there is no 2017 there it stops at 2016.whats next now?
  6. Hello sir, my jamb admission status is blank what can I do sir
  7. Pls i hv been offered admission by jamb caps but d school hv nt offered me admission, what do i do, should i accept it or not
  8. my school list is actually not yet out but already with jamb. And applicants from d school have started receiving and accepting admission. but for sometime now when i check it shows ”NOT ADMITTED”, so i want to ask does it mean i was not offered admission by jamb at all. or i have not been offered yet? thanks. the skul is FUTMINNA
  9. I applied for elect elect in crutech,but jamb offered me Education n chemistry n I mistakenly accepted it,pls wat will I do,does it mean DAT I can’t go for elect elect again
  10. Mine was proposed and i accepted pls tell me more about it i don’t understand cox it even brot my details nd also d skul i put in for
  11. I can’t check it it only show welcome
  12. i have been given admission by the school and i have also accepted in jamb caps but up till now when i go to admission letter and click print it says no data found.
  13. It is telling me invalid credentials even after doing as i was told.. Is the problem from Jamb because I don’t understand
  14. sir pls I was admitted at AAU Ekpoma and my admission status is showing proposed and I accepted it … would that cause harm to me from getting admission??
  15. i checked jamb caps through the link you gave me and it is blank,
    and i just paid my acceptance,what should i do?

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