Where to get a job in Akwa Ibom state/uyo

Where to get a job in Akwa Ibom state/uyo.


Are you new in Akwa Ibom state?  Are you looking for Where to get a job in Akwa Ibom state? If YES! YES!! Is your answer, then you are at the right place. It’s quite unfortunate that job opportunities in our states and Nation is Decreasing as Job seekers are increasing. This is actually an improper fraction that worth solving. Where to get a job in Akwa Ibom state is not very hard.

If you are a graduate or just an unskilled worker, then you need something as a job to enable you sustain your living? We have compiled a list of where to get a job in Akwa Ibom state to help you find your dream job.

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The best place to get a Job in Akwa ibom state is at the post office. Go to the state notice board. This appears to be the best and more reliable place to get a job in Akwa Ibom state. Tons of adverts are being placed on the notice board every day, every week and every month.

You can make a move down to any of the nearest Notice board in any part of the start that you are. If you are in Uyo, then I will advise you to go over to Ibom Plaza [where the former waterfall was]. There is a post office located there where job adverts are displayed everywhere in the notice board.

The good places where you can get a job in akwa ibom state includes: Hotels, restaurants, boutiques, fast foods, house help work. The best place to get access to all the available vacancies in uyo akwa Ibom state is to go to the post office notice boards ( like the one in Ibom plaza in uyo) to check the available jobs in uyo.



  1. Baking of cake. There is a lot you can make from this in akwa ibom state.
  2. Fast food and restaurants. This is well achieve if you fast food/restaurant is located in populated Area with students and working class who doesn’t have time for cooking.
  3. Pop corn business.
  4. Selling OK. Okrika Business is one of the most profited business in Nigeria that doesn’t need much explanation.
  5. Selling of fruit.
  6. Selling of food stuffs like ingredients, spices, food supplements etc
  7. Cab businesses like driving taxis, mini buses, Keke, buses etc
  8. Recharge card Printing or retailing.
  9. Hawking business.
  10. Sale phone/computer accessories and repairs.
  11. Transportation Business.
  12. House agent. Assist students around uniuyo and Uyo city polytechnic in linking them to where they can get an accommodation. House agents do charge as high as 10% of the amount the person rents the house.

More Opportunities:

Those are where to get a job in Akwa Ibom state. They are so many job opportunities around the world but getting connection to them is always the problem.

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Hope this list of where to get a job in Akwa Ibom state was helpful?




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