waec 2020/2021 marketing Questions and answers | Theory and Obj answers

WAEC 2020/2021 marketing Questions and Answers for theory and obj

Latest Update On: waec 2020/2021 marketing Questions and Answers | Theory and Obj Questions and Answers

This is the best time for those looking for waec 2020/2021 marketing Questions and Answers to start preparing.

I will not want you to make the same mistake that last year WAEC students made.

What I will Share with you today is the waec 2020/2021 marketing Questions and Answers Expos and guides. So if you are looking for 2020/2021 waec marketing Expo, then you will get it all in this page.

Sure waec 2020/2021 marketing Questions and Answers Tips And Guides

Below are some of our waec 2020/2021 marketing Questions and Answers Expos that you should use

1. Never Hope On WAEC expo

I guess you are here for the 2020/2021 waec marketing Expos, but I will tell you that the best way to get your waec marketing Questions and Answers 2020/2021 should not be through waec expos.

Assuming you read your books, you would have not been here to look for this 2020/2021 waec marketing Expos. But meanwhile, I will still give you some good 2020/2021 waec marketing Expos that you can still use to pass this exams without cheating.

2.  Put God First in every step of your WAEC EXAM.

My No.1 2020/2021 waec marketing Expos is God. Knowing and praying to God should be your No.1 2020/2021 waec marketing Expos that you should know. It is only God that can help you to pass your 2020/2021 waec marketing Exams.

3. Study hard with the necessary materials.

Some of the good materials that you can use for your study should be

  • Study using the Waec scheme of work and your SS1 to SS3 marketing notebooks: The first thing is for you to be prepared for the exam. WAEC is not something you should joke with. Hard work normally pays so I will urge you to create your time and make sure you study for and solve so many questions on it.
  • Use WAEC Marketing Past Questions and Questions and Answers: The number one thing that I have discovered can excellently help you in your exam is WAEC Past Questions and Questions and Answers series. These books are available in stationery shops. They are not costly, just enter there and ask of it. Once you have gotten it, make sure to read up to 6 years and you’ll pass WAEC excellently.
  • Read with WAEC Syllabus: You cannot do without WAEC syllabus. Make it your best friend because it will show you the various topics that are involved in Marketing, with this, you’ll know the area to concentrate on.

4. Study with 2020/2021 WAEC Marketing Syllabus.

Another good waec 2020/2021 marketing Questions and Answers expo that I will recommend to you is the waec 2020/2021 marketing syllabus.

The waec 2020/2021 marketing syllabus will help you alot in getting your waec marketing Questions and Answers 2020/2021 without cheating. So if you are looking for how to pass 2020/2021 waec marketing Exams without expo, then this is the best that can help you.

5. Use WAEC Recommended Textbooks for Marketing (Expo)

Another sure way of passing your waec exam without cheating is through the help of textbooks. All the weac marketing questions are set from the 2020/2021 waec recommended textbooks for marketing. Use your marketing textbooks effectively and see the good result thst will yield.

6. Attend classes and lesson

Attending waec extra classes will also be a great help. But at first, also make sure you attend all your classes during school hour.


Warning!! Beware of scam. Don’t pay money to anybody online for waec 2020/2021 expo Questions and Answers. They will eat your money and run away without giving you any expo. Don’t hope on Expo. Follow us and we will show you how to pass your 2020/2021 waec exams without expos.

Below are some ways Waec candidates use to cheat during exams. Waec examiners and Candidates should kindly take note of this an avoid them.

1. Writing on body parts
Waec cheating







2. Mobile phones:

3. Writing on ceilings and fans

4. Writing on footwear and socks

waec malpractice







5. Writing on Math set

waec expos









6. Writing on four figure table

7. Writing on and sticking expo underneath desks

waec expo






8. Writing on clothing

9. Neck stretching:

waec exam cheat








10. Use of finger codes:

11. Asking questions:

12. Exchange of question papers:

13. Use of mercenary:


1. Work on your handwriting if you don’t have a good handwriting. It is very important to work and improve it. Also endeavor to make it very clear and neat.

2. Discover your weaknesses and work on them. 

3. Make use of the waec Marketing problems you have been studying from either Past questions or your textbook.

4 . Kill examination fear so that it won’t eliminate you. 

5. Work on your speed and try to cover all the questions.

6. Make sure your Questions and Answers are well written and also make sure your writings are all accurate.

7. Make sure you attempt all the recommended questions on the exam’s paper.

8. Pray to God Before and after the exams.

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This are the waec 2020/2021 marketing Questions and Answers Expos that will help you throughout this waec 2020/2021 marketing exams.
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