Suspension of Uniuyo Post Utme Screening Exercise 2019

Suspension of Uniuyo Post Utme Exercise 2019

Latest Update on the Suspension of Uniuyo Post Utme Screening Exercise 2019..

This is to inform all Uniuyo Aspirants that the Uniuyo Post UTME Screening 2019/2020 Exercise that was schedule to start on 19/08/2019 has been Postpone till further Notice..Why The Suspension of Uniuyo Post Utme Screening Exercise 2019?

Why the Suspension of Uniuyo Post Utme Screening Exercise 2019?

It is advisable to know that the Uniuyo Post UTME Screening exercise is usually carried out by Non-Academic Staff Union Of University (NASU). So recently, the Non-Academic Staff Union Of University (NASU) has embarked on immediate strike.

Regarding this update, the actual date which they will call off the strike is not yet announced.

New Date For Uniuyo Post UTME Screening 2019

See The new Date for the Uniuyo Post UTME Screening Exercise 2019 Here


New Date For Uniuyo Post UTME Screening 2019
Uniuyo Main Campus

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Very Important Message for All 2019 UNIUYO Aspirants

This is a Very Important Message for All 2019 UNIUYO Aspirants.

Make sure you get information and do information. Don’t be mislead.

If you are 2019/2020 Uniuyo aspirants then it might interest you to know the following.
It’s obviously worrying the way aspirants ask if their Jamb score will get them into Medicine. Law, Pharmacy, Political science etc. To tell you the truth, the moment you start doubting your potentials, the faster you go down to failing automatically. Years ago I’ve witnessed someone with 298 Jamb score applied for Medicine but was never given any course. It’s not just scoring high, other factors like age, subject combination (both o’level and jamb), upload of o’level results as well matters.
So be optimistic, despite your jamb score, BUT if you know your jamb score can’t give you what you want then change course, there is a big difference between having faith and lacking wisdom.
Don’t go and apply for screening form with 193 or 195 for medicine or law, trust me, Uniuyo will just feed on you.

The Cutoff marks should not be something to insinuate rather you should try and know the statistics of candidates going for a particular course in the turskite republic. Concerning your preferred course, your chance of securing admission is directly proportional to the average scores recorded by other candidates. If 500 people for example applied for that course and the average score is 190, then even with 180 there might still be hope for you. Someone with an average of 201 should not expect to be admitted before the person who scored 204. The person with 205 should not expect to be admitted before the candidate with 210 and so on. The admission selection continues in descending order of magnitude until the departments have gotten the number of selected candidates needed and the least score there on the selection list becomes the department merit cut off point. Though the average score of 180 is the barest minimum for admission, the cut-off point changes from programme to programme based on the overall performance of the candidates in the programme. So,please bear in mind that any cut off mark going viral here on facebook groups/pages and/on whatsapp or on any other social media outlet, remains a pure lie. The truth is that any cut off mark you see now, could be that of the previous years or a well-fabricated lie. In essence, there is nothing like cut off mark for any course. Just pray and hope others don’t score too high compared to what you could muster.

Many have also asked questions concerning Uniuyo screening form. Please this is to inform you all that the screening form is not out yet and the screening date has not been announced too. Hopefully the form should be out either this July ending or early August as always. This is because,things need be put in place. Some departments/ faculties just start 2nd semester. Aspiring students will be given at least 3 Weeks notice before the actual screening date for the sake of registration. When the forms start selling it will be on the university website and i will inform you as well.

will uniuyo conduct aptitude test?

There will be nothing like writen or oral concerning Post Utme. Recalled that Jamb scrapped out Post UTME Test two years ago and so there is nothing like written or oral test in Uniuyo. All that will be required by the applicants is to register for the screening exercise and proceeds to the screening ground and submits your credentials.

For Uniuyo not doing Post Utme does not mean you should not read. Study hard. You Must Continue your Preparation daily with only the relevant materials such as:
I. The Lamlad & New School Series for the Science Students.
2. The Comprehensive & Essentials Series for the Arts & Commercial Students.
3.The Authentic Post Utme & SSCE Past questions.
4.The Invisible Teacher Of Jamb’s ure of English remains the all time best text for the use of English.

For those of you that are fun of posting fake info, spam messages, posting of pornographic images and videos, posting of gruesome images from killings. Please Be warned. This is a University Group, everything you are posting should be related to the University of Uyo, or it should be related to students or education in General. At the lowest, your post should be important.

Stay up to date with the latest information about the University of Uyo, Uniuyo. Join us and feel free to comment on our post and add your friends as well.

Lastly always keep aside negativism,shun cultism and embrace your success in the quest of becoming a student in Uniuyo. I pray to God to consider our efforts and much hard work to aid in securing us a place at the turskite republic. The course that you dream of studying will enable you to help in the health of your creations. I reach out to you with desperation and much need. You will not be a Jamb customer again. You will be admitted this 2019. Your name will appear on the acceptance list.

God will give your life further meaning in the mighty name of Jesus.


That was an Update on the Suspension of Uniuyo Post Utme Screening Exercise 2019.. Pls share with others for more enlightenment

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