Uniuyo GST121 Book Review

Uniuyo GST121 Book Review

Latest Update on: Uniuyo GST121 Book Review

What is Uniuyo GST121 Book Review

Instead of defining this term as “Uniuyo GST121 Book Review”, I will rather define it as “Book Review” in general..

Uniuyo GST121 Book Review, or Book Review itself is a kind of writing that constitute the highlight of any book where the reviewer is expected to present to the audience a brief discussion and conclusion of the book in terms of its information, contents and production quality.

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Uniuyo GST121 Book Review Important Points

When writing the Uniuyo GST121 Book Review, the below information should strongly be taken into consideration the reviewer:

  1. The title of your work. In this case, the Title is always “Book Review”
  2. The title of the book your are reviewing..
  3. The Author or Writer of the Book You are reviewing.
  4. Place of publication of the Book You are reviewing.
  5. The name of the publishers or publishing company’s name of the book you are reviewing.
  6. The year the Book You are reviewing was published.
  7. Number of pages ( preliminary + Main pages) that Book you are reviewing has.
  8. Price of the book if any.
  9. Name of the reviewer (Your Name if you are the reviewer)
  10. The Purpose of the Book you are reviewing.
  11. The contents of the Book you are reviewing.
  12. Organisation of the Book Contents.
  13. Evaluation of the book you are reviewing.
  14. Conclusion
  15. Recommendation

Procedures for Uniuyo GST121 Book Review

Below is an Example of a Book Reviewed by a Reviewer (Glory Daniel) on the Book (Intelligent Escape)


Title:                                                     Intelligent Escape

Author:                                                John Busbock

Place of Publication:                      Canada

Publishers:                                         Intelligent Book Press

Year Of Publication:                       2011

Number Of Pages:                           Xii + 17 = 190

Price:                                                    Not Stated

Reviewer:                                           Glory Daniel

Step By Step Guide On Reviewing a Book

This sample Book Review is still on the Book (Intelligent Escape) Reviewed by a Reviewer (Glory Daniel)


Introduction – Purpose Of the Book


Intelligent Escape is a book written for the purpose of enlightenment. This Book contains guides on safety for the feminine and how to keep friends of any sex without breaking the code of good  friendship with opposite sex. The book also lay much emphasis on morals and cultural values…


The content of this book covers a lot when it comes to female education.. It also outline some guided principles of apply as a feminine on order to stay safe in all ramification

The contents of this Book are organised in distinct but related Chapters.

Organization Of Contents

This Book has 3 Chapters in total. The first Chapter 1 deals on female education from childhood to teenage stage and adulthood. Chapter 2 talks about how females can relate with friend of opposite sex without breaking the bound of friendship. Finally. Chapter 3 talks about how to live a security conscious life as a feminine.

Chapter 1 deals on female education from childhood to teenage stage and adulthood,. This chapter covers everything about female training from birthday. It also talks about female education at early stage to adulthood.

Chapter 2 talks and educate the teenage females on how they can relate with their opposite sex teen.

Chapter 3e educate the females on security consciousness.. that chapter talks about female safety and how to overcome the exposure to rape and other kind of sexual abuses. It is also give a very good guide on how to live and conduct oneself in public and in marriage home as a woman.





Uniuyo GST121 Book Review Format

Below is the correct format of writing Uniuyo GST121 Book Review

  1. Title
  2. Name,
  3. No,
  4. Department,
  5. Faculty
  6. Name of the Lecturer (GST121 COORDINATOR)
  7. Date


How To Write Uniuyo GST121 Book Review Without Mistake

For you to write your GST121 without mistakes, follow the instructions and format we gave above or contact us to get a well prepared one from us.

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Recommend Textbook For Gst121

Uniuyo GST121 Book Review

How to Pass Uniuyo GST Courses


It is my pleasure through my experience in the examination and assessment of GST 111, GST112(First semester year one ) GST 121,GST 122,GST 123(Second semester year one) to show you the necessary steps and approach to passing General Studies(GST) courses at first sitting and without stress. Below are the stated approach;

Pray Before and After The Exams:

This goes a long way in developing your self confidence. Communicating with your creator gives you peace of mind. Without peace of mind you can’t read and understand anything.  Putting God first in your endeavors gives you an assurance of scaling new heights.


Preparation For The Exam:

Most students adopt the habit of reading for exams during Exam period but not reading for lectures. Reading ahead of your lecturers boost your performance in that course. Most of the time past questions are repeated but will be a combination of different years.

Use Necessary materials to improve your studies:

Studying past questions is one of the greatest way of preparing yourself for any exam. It gives sure guarantee to passing GST courses. Using Other materials like Smart A’s and attending tutorials helps a lot.

Attend Lectures:

A lot of students prefer staying back from lectures hoping to collect notes from their colleagues and copy after school. But in Gst, Exam’s questions are mostly set from what the lecturer says in the class and not what you see on the textbook or what you write on your note. Sometimes, class attendance may be considered when grading students.

Have Your continues Assessment:

A lot of students(especially freshers) may not know this. In uniuyo, continues assessment (test, attendance and assignment) are considered more important than exam. Although the continues assessment takes only 30% of the total 100%, it is also important to note that, “any student without continues assessment on any course will automatically carry over that course even if he/she scores 70/70 in exam. So make sure you do all Assignment, class work and write Test and then add your examination performance to have a greater grade. A very important part of the preparation/assessment is the submission of GST term papers. Without which your assessment will be blank even with test and 70% in exams.


Obey instructions:

Obey all exam rules and conduct. In the case of GST Exams:

  1. Do not place your attendance sheet on your OMR form and sign or your essay writing on your OMR form. If you do these, the machine won’t be able to mark your sheet or give you your complete mark.
  2. Avoid malpractice: If caught by any invigilator, you have carried over the course voluntarily.
  3. Don’t talk during Exam: Don’t discuss with neighbors during examination. Write what you know, else you may suffer the consequences you did not expect.
  4. Don’t pass your exam script or leave your site during exam.
  5. Don’t open your question paper when you are not told to do so.

That was a good guide on Uniuyo GST121 Book Review… You can make your comment or ask any question below in the comment box…

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