The Richest Between Rude Boy And Mr P Net Worth 2020

The Richest Between Rude Boy And Mr P Net Worth 2020 .

New Update on The Richest Between Rude Boy And Mr P Net Worth 2020 .

Have you been wondering who the Richest Between Rude Boy And Mr P of Psquare is?

If yes, then you are highly welcome. Here today, I will tell you The Richest Between Rude Boy And Mr P Net Worth 2020.

The Richest Between Rude Boy And Mr P Net Worth 2020

How Mr P and Rudeboy Splitting Affected their net worth?

Together Mr P and Rudeboy net worth were unrivaled by any in the Nigeria music industry. But after the split things were different.

Some if not all the properties the two owned together were sold out.

Glo a mega telecommunication company in Nigeria withdrew the endorsement deal of the twin’s brothers.

As a result of this split, they both fell off the number one spot of the richest musicians in Nigeria.

Paul Okoye net worth 2020 was estimated to be around $12 million to 15 million US dollars.

While Peter Okoye net worth 2020 was estimated to be around 15 million US dollars to $16.5 million.

Rudeboy and Mr P Solo Career

Mr P and Rudeboy solo career began after the popular split that shocked their fans around the world.

Paul okoye solo career saw him pick the stage name Rudeboy and Peter Okoye solo career made him choose Mr P.

The official split was confirmed by Pulse in 2017. Immediately Mr P solo Career begins with him releasing a single titled Cool it Down.

and Rudeboy solo career began with songs like Nkenji Keke. They were both well-received however, fans could not stop debating who is the best.

An act I believe is driving the brothers further apart. Mr P songs and Rudeboy songs are very classic.

But humans always want the best and this best keeps pitting two brothers against each other. I am not cool with it though but the debate is very entertaining.

I mean sometimes you just have to come to terms with the harsh reality of us being human beings.

Let’s quickly look at Mr. P singles and Rude boy singles shall we!

Mr P Singles

Here is Mr P solo song as an artist from their breakup in 2017

  • Cool It Down
  • Away
  • Woki Woki
  • Look into My Eyes
  • Ebaeno
  • Zombie
  • One More Night

Rudeboy Singles

Here is a list of Rudeboy solo song as an individual artist after the breakup.

  • Nkenji Keke
  • Reason with me
  • Double Double Ft Olamide and Phyno
  • Fire Fire
  • Ifai

How much is Mr P and Rudeboy net worth

SMC found out the net worth of Mr P is estimated to be $16.4 million. and he is listed alongside his brother as one of the top 50 richest musicians in Africa. Rudeboy worth is estimated on a rounded-up figure of $15.4 million.

and after a recent release of the top 10 richest artists in Nigeria, we found that Mr P net worth in 2020 slightly edges that of Rudeboy net worth with about $1.4 million.

This discovery puts Rudeboy firmly at the number 7th position trailing behind his older twin brother…

So, here is Mr P and Rudeboy net worth in Naira.

The Richest Between Rude Boy And Mr P Net Worth 2020

Mr P net worth in Naira 2020

  • 5.868 billion Naira

Rudeboy net worth in Naira 2020

  • 5.4 billion Naira

Houses and Cars

Mr P and Rudeboy net worth 2020 won’t be complete if I didn’t talk about their fleet of cars.

But for the sake of this post, I will only show you two of Mr P cars and 2 of Rudeboy cars.

Does that sound good yea?

But wait there is even more!

Here are two of my favorite cars each of them owns.

Mr P Cars and Houses

Mr P house in Banana highland costs 1.5 billion Naira which is a luxury.

I mean have you seen this guys fleet of cars? God money is good honestly. But don’t take my word for it just ask any of the Psquare brothers.

His 2014 Bently costs about 29 million to 30 million Naira, but I won’t bore you with details, just check this video of Mr P cars and Mansion.

Here is a list of Mr P cars:

  • Range Rover Autobiography- 80 Million Naira
  • 2016 Range Rover- 15 million Naira
  • G-Wagon
  • Bentley 29 Million Naira
  • Jaguar F-type VHS 2014- 15.5 Million Naira



Rudeboy cars and Houses

Well, just watch the above brief video to see rude boy cars and house.

Here is a bulleted list of Rudeboy cars in 2020

  • BMW X6- 22 Million Naira
  • Wrangler SUV Jeep
  • Range Rover Autobiography- 80 Million Naira
  • Hummer Jeep
  • Cadillac Escalade

List Of Psquare Awards & Nominations

This subheading will cover the list of Mr P and Rudeboy list of awards and nominations.

You and I have come this far but it’s sad that individually both have not been nominated for an award since the Psquare fight.

Mr P and Rudeboy Awards Back in The Days of Psquare!

I believe you are wondering why their award came last right?

Believe it or not, every award you receive has a cash prize attached to it. So, invariably Mr P and Rudeboy net worth is affected by these awards despite their split.

However, let’s take the list of all their awards back from the days of Psquare as a group.

So here we go!

MTV Europe Music Awards

  • Best African Act 2013- Nominated
  • Best Group 2015- Nominated
  • Artist of the Decade- Nominated

MTV Africa Music Awards

  • Best Group 2008- Won
  • Artist of the Year 2008- nominated
  • Best RnB 2008- Nominated
  • 2008 Best Video- nominated
  • 2009 best Group- Won
  • Best Live Performer 2009- Nominated
  • 2014 Best group- Nominated
  • Artist of the Year 2014- Nominated
  • Artist of the Year 2014- nominated

Headies Award

  • Busy Body Song of the year 2006- Won
  • Artist of the Year- won
  • Best RnB/pop album 2006- Won
  • Album of the Year 2006- won

City Mag 9th Award Show

  • Best Hip Hop Group 2006- Won

Nigeria Music Award

  • Get Squared Album of the Year- 2006- Won
  • Best Video of the Year 2006(Get Squared)- Won

Soul Train Music Award

  • personally Best International Performance- nominated

Channel O Music Video Award

  • Best Duo or Group 2007- Won
  • Most Gifted Group of the Year 2012- Won
  • Best Duo or Group 2008- Won
  • Most Gifted African (West) Video 2013/Video of the year- Won

KORA Awards

  • Artiste of the Year 2010- won
  • Most Promising African Group 2003- nominated

Ghana Music Awards

  • 2013 African Artiste of the Year- nominated
  • 2014 African Artiste of the Year- nominated

MOBO Awards

  • 2006 nominated Best African Act
  • 2008 nominated Best African Act
  • 2010 nominated Best African Act
  • 2012 nominated Best African Act

BET Awards

  • Best International Act 2010- nominated

Lil Perry Production

  • 2010 Producer of the Year- Won

Mr P and Rudeboy who is the best

Rudeboy fans say he is the best and Mr P fans say he is the best. but from a few statistics from youtube views, I will pick Rudeboy as the better singer. and Mr P as the better dancer and entertainer.

Rudeboy in more than one occasion has got his youtube videos to more one million views in 3 days. This something Peter is yet to achieve.

I guess you can now tell The Richest Between Rude Boy And Mr P Net Worth 2020.. What will you say about this?

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