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How To Answer NECO Government Objective Questions [Section A]

NECO section A contains Objective Questions of 4 or 5 different options. In case, how do you choose a correct Answer form this 4 or 5 options?

To the correct Answer form those different options, follow the steps below:

1. Read a particular question more than once before trying to choose an answer.

2. Answer the questions you know first.

3. Imagine and try recalling what the correct answer is.

4. Pay particularly close attention to words like “notsometimesalways, and never.” An answer that includes always must be irrefutable. If you can find a single counterexample, then the answer is not correct. The same holds true for the word never. If an answer option includes never a single counterexample will indicate the answer is not the correct.

5. Eliminate each clearly wrong options that you know that are odd.

6. Using the process of elimination, cross out all the answers you know are incorrect, then focus on the remaining answers. Not only does this strategy save time, it greatly increases your likelihood of selecting the correct answer.

7. When two answers are correct in a multiple choice question with an “All of the above” option, then it’s probably the correct choice.

8. If all else tactics fails, then guess like a street magician and you may get it right.

How to Answer NECO Government Theory Questions [Section B].


NECO Theory Questions are not the same as the Objective Questions. NECO theory exam questions can sometimes be  intimidating especially when you have no self-confidence.

The first thing you have to do when you are about to answer NECO theory Questions is to eliminate fear and believe that you can make it..

NECO theory Questions always come in different forms and format and each format needs a unique and correct answer.

To Answer any NECO theory question, follow this steps.

  1. Go through the exam’s instructions first before you start answering its questions.
  2. Read a particular question twice or thrice before you give and answer
  3. Understand each question and what the examiner is really looking for.
  4. Start your answer by echoing the question if it is an essay question.
  5. Go through your Answers to make sure all your writings and answers are well spelled and accurately presented.


NECO Theory Answers Structures

When answering theories or Essay questions, take note of the following and how you should present your answers:

  • Describe: This means you should say what you see – no need for reasons. You can give a detailed account, using examples
  • State: Provide a factual report with no explanation or opinion.
  • List: Write down bullet points, not paragraphs. Keep it brief.
  • Explain: give reasons
  • Outline: give a brief summary
  • Analyse: go into detail
  • Compare: what are the similarities and differences?
  • Contrast: what are the differences?
  • Calculate: use numbers given to work out the value of something
  • Define: give the meaning of something
  • Evaluate: consider both sides – pros and cons
  • Justify: give evidence to explain something
  • To what extent: Judge the importance or success of something – has it worked or not
  • Argue: present a case with evidence or reasons
  • Assess: Weigh up / give an informed judgement
  • Comment on: give your opinion on something
  • Debate: give different perspective

SIMPLE TIPS FOR PASSING NECO Government Questions And Answers 2020 WITHOUT EXPO

The dream of every candidate writing the National Examination Council (NECO) is to pass the exams once and for all.

However, it is not possible to pass NECO in 1 sitting without doing some particular things. Thinking you would pass the exams without reading hard and not learning more is like pouring water into a basket and expecting it to get full.

You must understand that the SSCE is a major factor for gaining admission into your desired tertiary institution to study your course of choice.

The truth is that using expo or runs to pass your Neco always affects in the future, so try and prepare well by yourself and come  and come out with good grades. How can i prepare well?

  • Make use of Neco syllabus 2020.
  • Use Neco recommended textbooks.
  • Study with Neco past questions.
  • Attend private lesson.

Meanwhile, be careful:

1. Don’t Let the examiner see you cheating else, that maybe the end of your exams.

2. Read and study very hard and do well to follow the Neco Exams Instructions strictly..

1. Wake up early so that you do not need to rush through having breakfast and getting ready.

2. Have a balanced breakfast and eat nothing risky (probably not the best day to have a super-hot curry!). Bananas are always a good option.

3. Before leaving home, check that you have everything that you will need for he exams and make sure you go with them.

4. Head to the exam venue like 1 hour before the commencement of the exams because an unexpected events may occur on your way while going.

5. If there are people around who are panicking, avoid them. They are not doing you any favor!

6. Go to the toilet before the exam starts. Exams can be quite long and there is no time to waste. So make sure you is yourself before coming into the exams hall to avoid taking unnecessary excuses.

7. Remember to write your name on the exam paper. You would not believe how many people have forgotten to do it!

8. Read all the questions carefully before starting and quickly plan how much time to allocate to each.

9. Start answering the questions that you feel most confident about. There is no need to answer the questions in order.

10. If your brain get stuck, just start writing anything and you will start remembering more details.

11. Trust yourself that you can do it without Expo.

12. Read all the Neco Examination instructions before you start the exams.

13. Add speed to your writing.

14. Revise and review your answers before submitting.



Below are some ways neco candidates use to cheat during exams. Please NECO examiners and Candidates should kindly take note of this an avoid them.

1. Writing on body parts
2019 NECO expo answers







2. Mobile phones:

3. Writing on ceilings and fans

4. Writing on footwear and socks

NECO Expo 2019







5. Writing on Math set

2019 NECO expo









6. Writing on four figure table

7. Writing on and sticking expo underneath desks

2019 Neco Expo






8. Writing on clothing

9. Neck stretching:

Neco 2019 Expo answers








10. Use of finger codes:

11. Asking questions:

12. Exchange of question papers:

13. Use of mercenary:


1. Work on your handwriting if you don’t have a good handwriting. It is very important to work and improve it. Also endeavor to make it very clear and neat.

2. Discover your weaknesses and work on them. 

3. Make use of the Neco Practical Government problems you have been studying from either Past questions or your textbook.

4 . Kill examination fear so that it won’t eliminate you. 

5. Work on your speed and try to cover all the questions.

6. Make sure your answers are well written and also make sure your writings are all accurate.

7. Make sure you attempt all the recommended questions on the exam’s paper.

8. Pray to God Before and after the exams.

Getting the NECO Government Questions And Answers 2020 with this tips is super cool. Follow this tips and I assure you that success is yours.

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