Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download – Correct


Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download.


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This is the Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download that you are looking for. Whenever you go through the internet to find out how to pass jamb, you see tons of advise that tells you to read hard for the 2020 BIOLOGY JAMB exams. my question now is, how and what will you read/ study for the preparation of the 2020 Biology JAMB exams without the Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download?


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2020 Jamb Syllabus For Agricultural Science

That’s why I come today to share the Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download with you so as to help you on what and what you need to study for the preparation for the upcoming jamb exams. sometimes, you may be tempted to ask what the Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download.


What You will See On This Page

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Stands for in the 2020 JAMB Biology exams. Well, the Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download is a jamb document usually in a visual display format that contains/list all the necessary guides and items for the jamb exams of a particular year.

The Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download contains all the necessary topics from each Subjects that jamb will set questions from. The main reason why jamb always give out this syllabus is to help jamb candidates on the topics the should focus their interest to.


Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download

Below is a list of Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download. Select any subject and view its syllabus

1.  JAMB Syllabus For Accounting/Principles of Accounts 

2.  JAMB Syllabus For Agricultural Science

3.   JAMB Syllabus For Arabic 

4.   JAMB Syllabus For Arts

5.   JAMB Syllabus For Biology

6.   JAMB Syllabus for Chemistry

7.   JAMB Syllabus for (CRK)/CRS

8.   JAMB Syllabus for Commerce 

9.   JAMB Syllabus for Economics

10. JAMB syllabus for English Language

11. JAMB Syllabus for French

12. JAMB Syllabus for Geography

13. JAMB Syllabus for Government

14. JAMB Syllabus for Hausa Language

15. JAMB Syllabus for History

16. JAMB Syllabus for Home Economics

17. JAMB Syllabus for Igbo Language

18. JAMB Syllabus for Islamic Knowledge/Studies (IRK)

19. JAMB Syllabus for Literature In English

20. JAMB Syllabus for Mathematics

21. JAMB Syllabus for Music

22. JAMB Syllabus for Physics

23. JAMB Syllabus for Yoruba

24. View Jamb Questions and Answers for all Subjects here



Increasingly, candidates, examination officials and other persons are yielding to the temptation to cheat in examinations. Cheating (or aiding or abetting cheating) in examinations is criminal act punishable in law. The Examination, Malpractices Decree 1999 provides penalties for persons convicted of examination malpractice. Punishment provided include imprisonment for 3-5 years or a fine of ₦50,000 or more, or both prison sentence and fine. By provision of the decree, the following are considered criminal acts:

Cheating, use of electronic device, impersonation, collusion with others with the intent to cheat or secure unfair advantage for self or for another, disturbance at examinations, misconduct in the course of an examination, failure to obey lawful orders of supervisors, proctors or agents of the examination body, forgery of result notification, breach of duty, conspiracy, aiding, multiple application, etc.



Those eligible to sit the UTME are holders of the following qualifications or their equivalents:

  1. the West African School Certificate (WASC)
  2. the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE)
  3. the National Technical Certificate or the National Business Certificate (NTC/NBC)
  4. Teachers’ Grade II Certificate

Candidates who have sat or are scheduled to sit for examinations in any of these qualifications in the year of application may also sit for the UTME.



The UTME is conducted once a year in the computer based test mode. The test is a two-hour multiple-choice in four subjects, with a compulsory paper, the Use of English and three other subjects of a candidate’s choice. Prospective candidates are advised to seek the advice of their teachers, parents/guardians or career counselors in their choice of elective subjects for the UTME.

Candidates are advised to visit the CBT practice test platform to familiarize themselves with features of the computer-based test at no extra cost.



Prospective candidates for the UTME are to note that for them to secure admissions into tertiary education programme, they have to:

  1. attain an appreciable standard of pass in the UTME in the relevant subjects;
  2. have credit passes in five relevant subjects in the appropriate JAMB/NECO SSCE/Teachers’ Grade II examination.

The credit/merit passes in question should be attained at not more than two sittings. Normally, credit passes Mathematics and English Language are required for all tertiary education courses except where it is stated other wise. In addition to the general entry requirements specified above, candidates must meet any other specific entry.

Candidates are therefore advised to consult the appropriate sections of the UTME/DE brochure for information about the specific entry requirements for different programmes. It is also important to note that admissions are subject to general guidelines enunciated from time to time by the proprietors of higher educational institutions. Such guidelines may set out admissions quotas or implementation principles which the Board and the institutions are expected to uphold.





A lot of candidates you see failing out there also prepared for the examination. However, they have failed to prepare the right way or did not prepare enough. If you want to pass JAMB 2019 with ease, you must prepare with the right strategies that work!


If your goal is to score above 300 in JAMB 2019, set your target at above 350. Shoot for the moon and you might end up landing among the starts. If your goal is to score 300 and you set a target of 300,you will end up scoring less than 300.

Tell yourself, I want to score above 350 in JAMB, work towards scoring above 350 and you might end up with 320. Relatively high score, isn’t it? Yes, it is.

It works so well, I aimed up for 320+ last year but I end up having 303. Still great right? That’s the real talk man! So, stick your head up! Aim high!!!


Don’t just aim high without a direction. Map it out, start thinking how you can make it work out. Get textbooks, you can watch online tutorials if you can’t go for a UTME coaching. Get past questions, your persistence matters alot. Work that goal out! You can do it.


When JAMB 2019 registration commences, different pieces of information will start spreading around. You’ll start hearing this and that. There is nothing more confusing that listening to everything,yet you need valid information to pass JAMB 2020.


There is no alternative to reading if you really want to pass JAMB in 2020.

Not every student that failed UTME didn’t study for it. However, only those that study for JAMB effectively pass it.

These was the Jamb Syllabus 2020/2021 For All Subjects PDF Download PDF DownloadPDF DownloadPDF DownloadPDF Downloadthat you need to use in studying for the upcoming exams.

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