How my best friend was frustrated because of depending on jamb runz

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How my best friend was frustrated because of depending on jamb runz.

When I wrote my own jamb exams in 2017, I had a friend and a fellow colleague who was registered also for the exams. In the cyber café where we started the registration in Rivers state, one lady introduced him to where he should choose as his exams center region so that he can get access to insecurity, jamb runz and expo.

Actually, the lady advised him to choose one center in Aba Abia state.  After she might have assured my friend that the center is always unsecured and that there is always access for runz and expos, my friend was so happy that he couldn’t read again. the only thing he did was to gather money he will pay the runz and the his transport.


By then, the news of introduction of CCTV camera in accredited jamb cbt centers was everywhere but nobody really thought it will be serious as we are in Nigeria. When the exams day finally came for him, he boggled  up, collected his cash and paid his trans down to Aba, abia state. the craziest experience he had was as follow:

  1. He paid a fee they called gate fee which was not even part of the runz fee.
  2. He paid for the jamb runz but lose his money and the runz.
  3. He paid another fee they called security fee/signing fee to enable them secure and make sure your exams is secured.
  4. There was CCTV camera everywhere.
  5. A supervisor came in to address them of no exams malpractice as camera has been installed everywhere.
  6. He was not allowed to go in with his phone and even any other documents.
  7. The exams commence and his hope was nowhere to be found.
  8. He was frustrated and couldn’t answer all the questions
  9. Result came out and he scored 172.
  10. He applied for economic in university of Uyo Uniuyo and he was not qualified for Uniuyo UTME screening as their general cutoff mark was 180. And that was how he was frustrated and denied admission for life.
  11. He wasted time and transport to Aba Abia State.

Now Imagine this!!. He did not study because he was depending on Jamb runz but he scored 172. What do you think he would have scored assuming he rid his mind off jamb runz and  focus to study the little more he could?


Any jamb candidates that waits on jamb runz is heading to having this kind of Testimony. So rid off your mind from jamb runz and study the little you can. With that and prayers, you will make it there.

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