How To Upgrade Jamb Scores/Result 2020/2021

How To Upgrade Jamb Scores/Result 2020/2021

This is a post on How To Upgrade Jamb Scores/Result 2020/2021

Do you want to know how to upgrade Jamb scores 2020/2021? Yes!!! I know you really want to know how to upgrade Jamb scores 2020/2021 and that is why you are here..

This post is all about how to upgrade Jamb scores 2020/2021 and it contains all the necessary information on how to upgrade Jamb scores 2020/2021 and other truth that you need to know about Jamb scores upgrading 2020/2021..

I have all the necessary information on how to upgrade Jamb scores 2020/2021 that will help and guide you through the process so don’t miss any step on this post.

Is JAMB result upgrading Possible?

Does Upgrading of Jamb Result Really Work?

How To Upgrade Jamb Scores/Result 2019/2020

After JAMB exams and the results are released, many JAMBites go hunting for how to upgrade their JAMB score/result, especially those who believe their performance is poor for the course they applied for.

Of course, when JAMBites are in such a desperate search for ” Jamb Scores/result upgrade”, you should expect that someone would come up to exploit them. These are the so called JAMB agents who promise them everything but Cant do anything. They are usually Fraudsters and scammers..

A lot of this Scammers and Fraudsters even go as far as creating spammy posts/comments on this sites which I have been trashing almost everyday.

This is an Example from the one I see today from One who called himself OSCAR MURPHY

Hi everyone i am from IMO state i wrote my WAEC 2019 when i checked my chemistry and engliah was F9 i was so sad when i saw the result but thank God for my friend who helped me with Miss.Grace number 090************ and she requested for a little money and my details which i did and at first i never believed it until they message me that i received direct from the WAEC office that my result has been upgraded successfully i was happy and i printed it and right now i just want to thank Miss,Grace again, you can also contact her for 2019 direct POST UTME questions and answers and NECO upgrading 090********** for those of you who their marks are FA, E8 and you also want to upgrade it you can also reach her for upgrade and for 2019 direct POST UTME questions and answers and NECO upgrading +23490*************.Once again thanks madam.,,

This are all lies, Don’t believe any message like this.

These so called Jamb Upgrading agents are everywhere looking for candidates that will pay them certain amount of money to have their result upgraded.

Sometimes on this blog I also come across such comments. Some goes with a claim like this:


How To Upgrade Jamb Scores/Result 2020/2021

The question should be: can you really upgrade JAMB score?

The amazing thing is that as obvious as the answer to the above question is, many JAMB candidates wish it is the other way round.

Now, imagine if JAMB score can be upgraded, then what’s the sense in the whole JAMB exam thing?

If you can just give some “JAMB agents” some bucks and your result gets upgraded, then, JAMB exam will become a useless thing and a pure waste of time.

Also, if by any chance this so called result upgrade is official, the cost of would skyrocket such that only the rich can buy the highest scores.

So, does it work?

The bottom line here is simple: There is nothing from JAMB called Jamb Score/Result/exam upgrade. Those who claim to be some JAMB agents (or whatever) that upgrades JAMB score are scammers.

Please, do not send anyone any money for result score upgrade. Beware of fraudsters!

Can Jamb UTME Result/Score be Upgraded?

NO! Capital NO. You cannot upgrade your Jamb Score, even if the person claim to be working at the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, Jamb office, Abuja. Don’t be fooled. Whatever you wrote during your Jamb examination is what you are going to be scored.

We’ve been inundated with complaints from JAMBites that they have been scammed by unscrupulous persons who promise to upgrade their Jamb UTME Results.

If you see anyone who parade him or herself as a JAMB official or you see people asking you to contact so, so and so for “JAMB Result Upgrading” is nothing but a THIEF. And We hope that the law will catch up with them very soon.

With this effect, I will  love to personally advice all Jamb candidates to beware of such set of people as you will have yourself to blame if you send your hard earn money to them.

We receive this in the comment sections in the 100s everyday, but we are sending it to the spam box. Please don’t fall for this cheap scam.

This goes also for WAEC result upgrading, and all the upgradings! You need to upgrade yourself to avoid getting scam.

You won’t believe this, but some Jamb candidates have been sending us emails, calling us, asking us to assist them with JAMB upgrading and our response is simple: This CANNOT BE DONE, not even by those working at Jamb office.

It is sad to see JAMB candidates paying between N7,500 to N10,000 to scammers all in the name of upgrading their Jamb CBT result. Please STOP. You will become a double loser if you try it.

Your score is what you will be SCORED. If for any reason you believe you deserve more than what you had in your aggregate score, you can request for JAMB to re-mark your script. The opportunity to do this will be made available by Jamb very soon.


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How To Request/Apply for Remarking Of JAMB UTME Script 

*Please note* The Offcial Remarking of JAMB Script for 2019 UTME has not commenced. We will remove this warning and update the post when it is officially announced.

Candidates that want their JAMB UTME Scripts Remarked, should go to JAMB Headquarters at Abuja.

When you get to the office, ask the workers there that you want to remark your script and you will be required to make a payment of N10,000.00 (Ten thousand naira) only.
JAMB will look for your UTME script and bring it out for remarking.

What Happens if Jamb is Wrong and you get a higher score?

If after your jamb script is remarked, and you get a higher score than what was given to you initially, JAMB will refund your N10,000.00.
On the other hand, if JAMB is right, you lose the N10,000 to JAMB. It is a gamble

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