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Welcome to our WAEC Preparation Guide on How to Pass WAEC 2020 Very Well: If you are looking for tips that will guide you on How to pass WAEC Exam 2020, then you are at the right place.

I will share the simple but very helpful and useful tips on How to pass WAEC Exam 2020/2021 with you for free. I don’t charge you before I guide you. This how to Prepare for WAEC 2020 Is totally free..

How to pass WAEC Exam Very Well

You know, Everything is possible and also easy if only you know the secret behind it. I will give you all necessary guide on how to pass WAEC Exam 2020 in this post. There are some simple things you need to do to pass your WAEC exam at ease.

How to Prepare for WAEC 2020/2021 by yourself

1. Make this website your home:

YES!! This website has helped more than 5, 000 students to make A’s, B’s, C’s and no D’s in all their subjects every year and I am 1OO% sure it will help you too to know How to pass WAEC Exam 2020.

Well, I know  You may be tempted to ask questions like  “but how? Does this website do runz/expos, Does this website give students charm for exam’s success”? well, the simplest and shortest answer to this questions is “ we can help you to make A’s, B’s, C’s and no D’s in all your subjects.

How can we do this? ANSWER: Just See2020 WAEC Questions and Answers For all Subjects here

2. Start preparation from now:

The only right time you have to start preparing on how you will get your 2020/2021 Questions and Answers is now. Use the right approaches to study and prepare for 2020 WAEC.

3. Ask all necessary questions about the exam:

The more you ask, the better you will know. If you have any problem relating to the 2020 Questions and Answers, then don’t fail to ask us through the comment box. We will surely give you the right answer at the right time.

4. Study past WAEC Past questions and Answers:

when I say “study past questions”,  I  mean studying WAEC exams question papers of the past years and trying to answer the questions therein by yourself but not reading them like your normal textbooks.

So, studying WAEC past questions and answers can help to prepare you better on How to pass WAEC Exam 2020.

NOTE: Please, don’t spend your little money on buying WAEC past questions and answers in the market  or Bookshops because you can get free WAEC past questions & answers  for all subjects for free on this website. Just use the search option in this website to search for any subject you need the past question on. You can also download them and study them you phone anytime.

See our complete: WAEC Questions and answers for all subjects Here

5. Study your SS1 to SS3 notebooks:

In case you don’t have the WAEC recommended textbook 2020, then your SS1 to SS3 notebook should be your closest solution.

Although your SS1 To SS3 notebook may not help your satisfaction, it can add a little understanding to your WAEC recommended textbook 2020. Using your notebook and the WAEC recommended textbooks 2020 will give you a high level of success.

6. Make your Textbooks your best friend:

Use the WAEC recommended textbooks 2020/2021 throughout the course of your studies and preparation for your WAEC exams.

7. Use WAEC 2020 Syllabus:

Use the WAEC 2020 Syllabus and use it effectively. Use the WAEC 2020 Syllabus when preparing for the WAEC 2020 exam. All the available WAEC 2020 Syllabus is here on this website. Use the search on this website to search for each of them.

Download: WAEC syllabus for all subjects Here

8. Eat good diet:

Surprising, poor diet and heavy food may result in poor WAEC exam’s performance. Make sure you eat light food during the 2020/2021 WAEC exams time. Avoid heavy foods like fufu and pap.

9. Start WAEC lessons:

This may be optional. If you have gotten a good sources and way of studying and preparing for the 2020/2021 WAEC exams, then you may not need this. Otherwise, joining a WAEC lesson will help you very well in your exams.

10. Pray before each paper:

Prayer is the key to all exams success. Make sure you pray hard before and after each subject that you write.

Without the Almighty God, your answers are totally useless. Only God can give your overall success.

11. Follow up the 2020/2021 WAEC Timetable daily:

During the exams time, you need to be very careful to meet up with all your papers daily. Make sure you follow the 2020/2021 WAEC timetable daily to avoid missing out any subject.

12. Ask and learn from people with experience:

I will ask the question if you didn’t do it already. Who really are the experienced people that can help you to know How to pass WAEC Exam 2020/2021? B

ecause knowing the group of  experienced people that can help you on How to pass WAEC Exam 2020/2021 matters  a lot and it will help you to pass WAEC 2020/2021 very well..

ANSWER: The experienced people are not actually those who have written WAEC exams before in their lifetime but they are those group of people that have written WAEC exams  once or many times by themselves and come out with flying colors.

Those who knows how WAEC exams are being marked and those who know how WAEC questions always look like and the topics they normally come from.

To cut such a long story short, The best place you can get experienced people online to assist you pass WAEC 2020 very well is on this website and you can do that in multiple ways.

Warning!! Beware of scam. Don’t pay money to anybody online for WAEC 2020/2021 expo answers. They will eat your money and run away without giving you any expo.

Don’t hope on Expo. Follow us and we will show you how to pass your 2020 WAEC exams without expos.

13. Seek for help and assistance but don’t hope and depend on help or assistance:

For the fact that we have promised to help and assist you on How to pass WAEC Exam 2020/2021 as we have been helping more than 5, 000 students to make A’s, B’s, C’s and no D’s in all their subjects every year doesn’t mean you should just fold your arms and wait for us wait for us.

NOTE: we don’t do WAEC exam runz/expos but we only give you that same thing we have been giving to more than 5, 000 students to make A’s, B’s, C’s and no D’s in all their subjects every year.

14. Kill and bury fear now before it becomes late:

BIG TRUTH:  there is nothing difficult about passing 2020/2021 WAEC exams very well as your friends have been telling. All you need to pass 2020/2021 WAEC exams very well is to follow our direction and do our instructions.

15. Don’t fail to plan and Don’t plan to fail:

I know you might hear this words several time so there is nothing much to talk about again.

WAEC Exam E-learning Portal

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) recently launched a portal called WAEC e-learning to curb the number of failures in the WAEC May/June SSCE by creating a portal that contains the resources for all WAEC approved subjects that will students understand the standards required for success in respective examinations.

Also: Register 2020 WAEC Exam here via WAEC website @

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