How to have a long lasting Relationship

How to have a long lasting Relationship.


Being in a relationship is a good thing but if you don’t know what it takes to be in a relationship, Relationship can turn to be something that can break and damage your emotions. Today I’m gonna  be sharing with you some simple tips on how to have a long lasting Relationship. In a relationship, both the man and the woman has vital roles to play which can result to a long lasting relationship. some of the best things to take into consideration if you really want a long lasting relationship are listed below:


Know why you both are in the relationship.

This is the best thing to consider when thinking of How to have a long lasting Relationship. Don’t go into a relationship without knowing how and what you should be expecting as benefits in the relationship.


Understand each other.

Understanding is the basic key of how to have a long lasting Relationship. Understanding each other will eliminate misunderstandings and quarrels.


Forgiveness is the basic key for staying in peace in any relationship. No relationship is perfect, but making forgiveness and effective factor in your relationship can boost your relationship to excellency.


Make time for each other

Spending time with your partner is another good tips for having a long lasting relationship. Always make time to be with your partner and stop complaining of lacking chance all the time


Communicate each other daily.

Don’t miss out a day without hearing or communicating with your partner. You can either call, chat or message each other. Call if she doesn’t call and call if he doesn’t call. Don’t put it as a duty on one party to be calling all the time.

Miss each other.

The emotions becomes more stronger if he or she misses you. That is why it is always advisable to have good times together so as to enable your partner to remember those good time and miss you.

Try something new in your relationship.

Doing the same thing over and over again can be very annoying. Try out new plays, discussions, touch etc all the time. Trying out new things in your relationship will always keep your relationship new and refreshing.

Surprise each other.

The best thing anyone will appreciate so much is surprise. Surprising your partner with a very nice and interesting gift will mean a lot to him or her.

Introduce each to friends with a suitable address.

This is what will blow your partners head. It will show how confidential you are with with your partner when you introduce them with serious and romantic names like sweetheart, honey, boo, lover, love etc.

Be romantic.

Don’t be those ancient lovers who knew only raising kids to be the only reason for being in a relationship. Men love romantic women and same is applicable to women.

Choose being in emotional moments.

This is the best moment of any relationship. Stay together and express feelings with each other

Confess love daily.

The number of time you should tell your partner “I love you” is what no one can really specify. Tell you partner you love him or her million times daily. Always end your calls, messages and chat with “ I love you”.

Play together

Eat and gist together.

You can feed each other during the eating process. Don’t also fail to consider gisting together as a good factor of how to have a long lasting Relationship.


Satisfy each other Sexually.

Many women consider sex to be less important in a relationship while men in the contrary see it to be the most practical sign of love. Generally, this always results both parties to some misunderstandings. One of the biggest secret on How to have a long lasting Relationship is satisfying each other sexually. Some men in the other way round always make a mistake of satisfying only their pleasure to the peak of ejaculation and after that, the just die off without considering their partners state of pleasure. Women also deserve to attain this state of satisfaction because this is the state they enjoy sex more. So consider sex as one of the secrets of having a long lasting relationship. But never go into relationship because of sex and know that, the primary goal of being in a relationship is not for sex.


Don’t make him or her a static household property. Always try going out to new places together.

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