How to download Facebook Lasso for Android

How to download Facebook Lasso for Android

Are You aware of the new Facebook app called Facebook Lasso for Both androids and iphones? Luckily enough, before the official launch, Facebook Lasso has made the beta version opened to users. Right now, you can find top notch and wealth of content on Lasso. I will be guiding you on how to download Facebook Lasso for android phones. 


You can download the new facebook lasso app in google playstore. All you needt to do, is to sign in to your google account and start the downloading from playstore. The step by step guide on this can be seen below:

  • Download from Google Playstore: download the app from google playstore using the normal download principles you normally use for downloading and installing other apps. You can quickly Download it from playstore by clicking here.
  • Log in via Instagram or Facebook

After the login, then everything is set. You can now start using your Facebook Lasso App.

Note: If you found this notification, “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” and it doesn’t show the ‘Install’ button, don’t worry, the app will be available soon to everyone. But for now, it is available only in the US for now, according to Bowen Pan, a product manager at Facebook.

It has over 1000+ downloads and install, and will still counts sooner or later. Meanwhile, it requires Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, anyways, the app current version is 

Hppe this guide on how to download Facebook Lasso for Android was quick simple and helpful? Please share your ideas and thoughts below.

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