How to Change jamb Profile Email address

How to Change jamb Profile Email address

Original, this seems impossible because jamb doesn’t give room for that. But with God and me, it is possible because we will give you room for that. This post contains a detailed guide on How to Change jamb Profile Email address. Mistakes in email address may be due to typing error or whatever. That is why you always ought to be careful while undergoing any registration.

The guide I am about to share with you on how to Change jamb Profile Email address, we only work for those:

  1. Who miss their email
  2. Who used incorrect email.
  3. Who use non existence email


  1. Solution If you  missed the email.

Missing your email could be missing your email password or loosing your email to hackers. But what ever the case maybe, I will suggest you miss your email password. The best and basic thing to do in this kind of situation is to request for change of password so as to generate new password to your email account. Always change your email password if you discover someone else has access to it.


  1. Solution If you used incorrect email.

For this set of people, try registering the email as a new email but if you discover that someone else is already using the email, then contact the user by sending a detailed message to the email explaining your mistakes and requesting the person to be sending you any email he or she receives by jamb. I know this maybe a little difficult but being in good association with the person can compel he or she to help you to be sending you the received information. But the fact that you need this email throughout your school days, then you can create  a new email and change it in the school you have been admitted into. Another good solution for this, is to request the email from they person. You can either request to buy it or plead with the person to dash it to you.


  1. Solution if you used non existence email.

This is the greatest solution on how to Change jamb Profile Email address. Here, you don’t need to change the password. All you need to do is to open a new email account with that email name. although you will miss the previous information, but from then upward, you will be able to receive new emails. If you discover that the email has already exist, then apply number 2 method,

Please before jamb start sending messages and information like your UTME exams slip, make sure you correct all the necessary registration errors you made to avoid complications.

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