GTBank Affiliate Program In Nigeria 

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GTBank Affiliate Program In Nigeria

GTBank ( Guaranty Trust Bank ) Has introduce it’s own affiliate program called IRefer Program, giving you the opportunity to work with one of the biggest company in Nigeria as a GTBank Affiliate.


Guaranty Trust Bank ( GTBank is One of Nigeria biggest Bank that has branches in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

GTBank Affiliate Program

With the introduced GTBank Affiliate Program, you can start making money with Guaranty Trust Bank PLC in Nigeria.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Very simple explanation. Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest ways to make money online in Nigeria or outside Nigeria. It goes like this:

  • You find a product that is created already: I some times call this a “done for you” product
  • You help promote that product
  • When any one buys it using your link, you get commission

That’s just a simple definition of what affiliate marketing really is. You pick a product people are looking to buy, promote it to those people. They buy and you make commission from the promotion/sale.
So that’s it.

How Does GTBank IRefer Affiliate Program Works?

GTBank Affiliate Program is an affiliate based on referrals that rewards you if your referral is active as a GTBank customer and has made at least one transaction having a GTBank Mastercard.
There are companies that offer affiliate program like GTBank see Below:
• Glo Affiliate Program
• Bluehost Affiliate Program
• Qservers Affiliate Program
• Hostgator Affiliate Program

The reward their customers in a good way as an affiliate and I will suggest you check them out.

Etisalat Affiliate Program also known as 9mobile has their own affiliate.

How To Sign Up As A GTBank Affiliate In Nigeria

Go get a suit and tie for a show is about to happen….. funny me !!!!

To sign up and become a GTBank Affiliate In 3 steps

• Visit your nearest GTBank and Locate it’s  customers care section,

• Request for an IRefer form and fill in your details correctly as you will be given a referral code that will serve as affiliate link.

• Start referring as many people as you can and earn big with GTBank IRefer Affiliate Program.

What To Do To Ensure You Earn With GTBank IRefer Affiliate Program.

• you must make use of your referral code given to you
• Ensure that they are registered through your ireferral code and made at least one transaction with a month.

• They should obtain a GTBank Card

With the above instructions completed, you are certainly going to make alot of money fromGTBank Affiliate Program In Nigeria.

Your Commission As A GTBank IRefer Affiliate

Every affiliate has it’s affiliate commission that is rewarded to it’s affiliate marketer and GTBank rewards their affiliate with N100 per successful referred registered user.

Ever heard of the Gtbank Affiliate Program or sounds strange to you? If you are on this post then it means you are likely looking to earn some money for yourself in Nigeria just by referring other customers to open a GTbank account

GTBANK I-refer Program

But before I take you through the steps in making money from the Gt bank referral or affiliate program I’d like to show you what affiliate marketing actually is.

So what’s up with Gtbank Affiliate?

While there are lots of banks in Nigeria, many only allow you save money but gt-bank gives you an extra opportunity to make more money through what it calls the gt-bank i-refer program.

So how does this work anyway?You only signup and start referring your friends to open a Gtbank account and when they register and become active you earn your cash. But you may be asking how do i get started right away?

How to Signup for Gtbank Affiliate

Program known as I-refer Program?
Anyone can easily signup and start making some cash from his or herself as soon as possible.

If you want to register and start making money in Nigeria then you should follow the procedures to get started right away.

Step 1: Obtain a Form
Basically what you are suppose to do firstly is get an i-Refer form from any GTBank Branch near you.
Step 2: Fill and Submit.
Complete the GT Bank i-Refer Affiliate Program form with all necessary and correct information as to enable them approve your application really quick.

  • An i-Refer GTBank code is generated for you.
  • The person you refer gets an e-mail inviting them to open an account with GTBank.
  • Boom
  • You get a N100 reward in cash for every active and successful referral

Now this may sound small but if you can level up things and get as many people as possible to open Gtbank accounts then you can be making up to N10,000 .

The Best thing?
You are allowed to refer a whole lot of people. Meaning you can invite unlimited persons and get paid your money. It all depends on how good you are in inviting people to open gtb accounts.

But there are rules to keep to;
Just like every business you have rules that keeps you going and is not an exception with Gtbank Affiliate Program. Fortunately, the rules are simple.
Before you get paid, you need to abide by the rules and they are as below:

  • In order to get paid your commission for referring customers to gtb you need to make sure the referral code you use is correct
  • The person you referred needs to be activate for at least 1 month or more: Not an account that you create today and tomorrow they leave
  • The account should make at least one transaction [deposited money etc..]
  • Finally, the account should have a gtbank naira mastercard activated. This means he or she needs to obtain a naira mastercard and activate.
  • That’s all

You can make money on autopilot with the gtbank affiliate program [i-refer scheme] if you can bring as many as possible.

So you can see earning with the gtbankI-refer program takes just few steps and you should start leveraging it today and make money for yourself.

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