First Bank mobile banking

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First Bank mobile banking


Banking with First Bank has become more easy with the First Bank mobile banking. All you need now is to dial the short code for the First Bank mobile banking and start your banking process on the go. Below this post is the short code for performing the FirstBank mobile banking.

How to Contact Firstbank Customer Care

What is mobile banking?

Mobile banking is the simplest banking system that allows bank account holders to simply perform some banking activities with just a dial of code on their mobile phone.

Each bank has a unique mobile banking code which cannot be used for any other bank. So today, we are solely looking at First Bank mobile banking and how to do it.

Which phone supports the FirstBank mobile banking?

The First Bank mobile banking can be carried out on any phone. It doesn’t select phones except maybe you are using their mobile app which may only support selected devices.

How do you start the FirstBank mobile banking?

Before you can start using the First Bank mobile banking, you must first of all have a valid First Bank account with a registered phone number linked to it. If you have a First Bank account already, then you are almost there. If you missed the phone number that was linked to your First Bank account, then you can visit any First Bank branch nearest to you to update your account Information. Now, All you need to do is to use the instruction below to complete your action.


What is the code for FirstBank mobile banking?

The code for First Bank mobile banking is *849#


Do you know you can speak directly with First bank headquarter or chat with them live to make your complaints by simply clicking here ?  If no, then know that you can do that here.. for free

Does the FirstBank mobile banking attract charges?

Yes but in some cases. First Bank may charge you for some transactions that you carryout using their short code. Just like every other banking activities or transactions carried out on either on ATM stands or from Tellers may attract extra charges, using the First Bank short code may also attract such charges.

Another good and very easy way of carrying out First Bank mobile banking is through the first bank First Bank Mobile App

First Bank Mobile App For Android And IOS

What Can The First Bank Mobile App Do?

  • Funds Transfer to First Bank accounts
  • Funds Transfer to other Nigerian Bank accounts
  • Account overview
  • Credit card repayments
  • First Bank Money Transfer
  • Account statement request
  • Airtime Recharge
  • Cable TV Payment
  • Bills Payment
  • Cheque Services

How to Download First Bank Mobile App for Android and IOS

  • For Android users, click here to download and install.
  • For IOS users, click here to download and install.

How to Use First Bank Mobile App for Android and IOS

How to Use First Bank Mobile App
  • After downloading the app, install and open
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • You will be required to register as a first time user. Enter your MasterCard or Verve Card details after which an OTP code will be sent to your phone to authorize registration. Follow the registration process to start using the mobile banking app.

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