Everything about chemical engineering

Everything about chemical engineering.


This post is for those who want to know everything about chemical engineering.  Chemical engineering is an engineering course under the faculty of Nigeria. In some schools in Nigeria, this course is always combine with petroleum engineering as a single course called petrochemical engineering. The truth of the matter remains that, chemical engineering and petroleum engineering are two different courses to be studied separately. See the differences between chemical Engineering and petroleum engineering here…..

What is chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction and operation of industrial process plants, and the physical, chemical and biological processes to create substances or energy in a useful and economic form.


Who is a chemical engineer?

A chemical engineer is one that studies the design, construction and operation of industrial process plants, and the physical, chemical and biological processes to create substances or energy in a useful and economic form.

A chemical engineer is not anyone that studies chemical engineering but anyone that studies and has the qualities and qualifications of a chemical engineer.


What do chemical engineers study?

Chemical engineers study chemical engineering as a course in qualified institutions.

Where can a chemical engineer work?


A Chemical Engineer can work in various industries that use material substances. Chemical Engineers work mostly in offices, laboratories, industrial plants, refineries, and many other places.


What do chemical engineers do?

  1. Chemical engineers solve problems by applying chemistry, biology, physics and math on the production or use of chemicals and other materials.
  2. Chemical engineers troubleshoot problems with the manufacturing line and develop new method of production or design equipment for large-scale manufacturing.
  3. Chemical engineers plan and test production method to ensure a safe procedure for those working with hazardous chemicals before launching the operations.
  4. Chemical engineers Develop new and improved manufacturing processes by establishing safety procedures for those working with dangerous chemicals.
  5. Chemical engineers Develop separation process for liquids and gases components, or for generating electrical current.
  6. Chemical engineers Design the layout of equipment, Analyse production performance, Manufacturing processes troubleshooting
  7. Chemical engineers ensures equipment or productions are compliance with safety and environmental regulations.
  8. Chemical engineers estimate production cost for management.


Working time for chemical engineers

Nearly all chemical engineers work full time as they are required

to spend much time at industrial plants, refineries, and other locations

to monitor, direct operations or solve onsite problems. Some chemical engineers can also work as part time workers while others like the ones that work in oil companies do work in shifting (2weeks in, 2weeks out).


Fields in chemical engineering.

  1. Chemical Engineer.
  2. Health and Safety Engineer.
  3. Environmental Engineer.
  4. Chemists and Materials Scientists.
  5. Nuclear Engineer.
  6. Process Engineer.
  7. Cost Engineer.


Years of studies for chemical engineering.

Acquiring a degree (Bsc or HND) in chemical engineering will take about 5 years and above.


Subject combination for chemical engineering

Check here…..

Employment opportunities for chemical engineers

Demand for chemical engineers’ services depends largely on the

growth of various manufacturing industries.


Monthly Salary estimation for chemical engineers

The median annual wage for chemical engineers is N 200,000 and above in Nigeria and $400 in worldwide estimations.

There is much more to know about chemical engineering. Chemical engineering is a very nice course with a very wide field of interest. As a chemical engineer, you can choose your field of interest among the numerous fields in chemical engineering.


Do you want to know what is petroleum engineering and how it differ from chemical engineering? See it here….

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