Easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria

Easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria.

Blogging in Nigeria becomes more easier when you discover easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria with huge traffic.

Do you know that the secret to a successful blogging is to rank on Google first page? and how can you achieve this if you have not come across the easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria? No way!!! That is why I choose out today to write on the easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria.

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If you are a new blogger hoping and thinking of growing your blog very fast, then this easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria post is for you.

This easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria that I am about to show you are also keywords that will fetch you a lot of daily traffics.

When I started blogging, I almost gave up when I started my first blog (allbloggingsecrets.com) because no one showed me the easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria. I only targeted popular but difficult to rank keywords.

Later on, I abandon the blog and Open this blog (naijafocus.com.ng). Luckily for me, I came across some sweet and easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria that boost my blog to first page and 10k daily page views.

Today, those easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria is what I will share with you right now.

Knowing The Most Easiest Keywords To Rank in Nigeria.

Generally, you can easily rank on education keywords like waec, Neco, Gce and Nabteb answers in Nigeria. Other easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria are keywords that trends within Nigeria.

To Help you more, I have put forward the easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria and The 7 easiest ways to optimize your post and to rank very well in Nigeria.


easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria and How to Optimize your Blog posts.

1. Use your Targeted Keyword as Your Post Title

Keywords shouldn’t just be present in the body of your content. You should also aim to include them in the title, as this is the first thing that readers will see pop up on their search engine. It’s also a good idea to include keywords in headings and subheadings as well as the introduction and conclusion of your post.

easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria
Start with using long tail keywords

2. Start With Long-Tail Keywords First

For the most part, popular keywords aren’t just single words. People are more likely to type short phrases into their search bar rather than generic one or two-word ideas. Long-tail keywords are usually around three or four words long and are highly specific to the subject matter in question.

For example, if a customer is interested in New York area skydiving lessons, they’re unlikely to simply type “skydiving” into their search bar. Instead, they’re likely to type a phrase such as “New York skydiving” or “beginner skydiving in New York.”

3. Link your Posts to Other Page With The Same Keywords.

Search engines use algorithms to rank the websites that show up in a search, and a variety of factors determine which sites hit the top of the page for potential customers. Linking is often considered when deciding how much importance to place on keywords and phrases.

If you include your chosen keywords in links throughout your blog post, it may be more likely to gain a higher ranking when customers search. Just don’t overdo it, as too many links can make a page confusing and difficult to read. Links are most effective when used sparsely throughout a piece.


4. Use your Targeted Keywords In Your tags

Photos not only make a blog post more interesting but can also be used to improve SEO. If you include keywords in the file name, search engines will pick up on it. You can also add keywords to the alternative text field.

Alt-tags are the description that appears for online visitors who can’t see a picture in their web browser. This makes your website more accessible to different users while also giving you the added benefit of including more keywords in your blog post to improve its search engine ranking.

5. Use keyword research tools to find Out less Competitive keywords

If you’re not sure which keywords suit your blog post’s niche area, then it’s time to do a little bit of research. One of the quickest and easiest ways to come up with key phrases is by typing your idea into Google.

You can look at the alternative searches that the bar suggests to find out precisely what other online visitors have been searching for and to get ideas from your competitors. You can also use the Google Adwords Keyword tool to find phrases related to your topic.

6. Target One or two keywords at a time in one post

If you include too many keywords in your blog post, they begin to lose their effectiveness. It’s also difficult to fit multiple keywords into links and alt-tags. Instead, try to stick to just one or two key phrases per blog post.

7. Don’t over optimize your keyphrase

Some bloggers try to include their chosen keywords as often as possible in their posts, but this is a classic mistake. Also known as keyword stuffing, this tactic can be irritating to the reader and take away from the value of the content at hand.

While it’s a good idea to include your keywords throughout your piece, try to make it as organic as possible and avoid repeating yourself too often.

Using keywords in your blog post helps to improve its visibility and achieve higher search engine rankings. By using the right words and phrases, you can match customer searches and earn more clicks. The best tool to help you on this is the YOAST SEO plugin for those using WordPress.


The Best happiness of blogging in Nigeria comes when you know the secrets of how to do it and one of those secrets is knowing the Easiest keywords to rank in Nigeria. I have much more to offer to you for free. I can help you to grow your blog for you. You can feel free to contact me for more guides if you wish.

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