Best places to run business in akwa ibom

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Best places to run business in akwa ibom.


Are you a businessman or woman thinking or looking for the best places to run business in akwa ibom?

If you want to run any business in Akwa Ibom, it is advisable to consider some certain things before you start off. This is not applicable to Akwa Ibom alone. This is the first thing every good business man or woman should take into consideration before starting off. business ideasbusiness



  1. ENVIRONMENT. Environmental Hazards can destroy your business. So be mindful of the situation of the environment [both in rainy and dry season] you want to establish your business. Flood or too much dust in either season can destroy some goods and services.
  2. POWER SUPPLY. A lot of business involves and need constant power supply. Sometimes, you may not be able to be fueling your engine for power supply. So the Best places to run business in akwa ibom that will be listed as we go are places that are free from power supply issues in Akwa Ibom State.
  3. BUSINESS SAFETY. Your business safety should be your number point of interest. Although Akwa Ibom State is known to be a very peaceful place, there are actually some Environments/parts that are not good for businesses due to security reasons.
  4. CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS. How will you enjoy the business if there is nobody to buy from you? The best place to run business in akwa ibom must have enough population that needs your goods and services else the business becomes a lost.



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  1. UYO. Uyo as the State capital city will always remain the best place to run business in akwa ibom. Uyo is good and conducive city both in the environment and any other factor. Uyo is a peaceful place with standard power supply and good roads. Running a business in uyo is simple and profitable. There are thousands of businesses already established in uyo. Most of the businesses in uyo are owned by outsiders from other states. There is enough population/consumers in uyo that enhances business growth.
  2. EKET. Eket is also one of the best places to run business in akwa ibom.
  3. IKOT EKPENE. Ikot Ekpene is a very populated Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state. From History, it is the oldest City/L.G.A in Nigeria. The place is good for business. But anyone running business here should be mindful of the place the business is establish as there is always issues of insecurities in some part of IKOT EKPENE.
  4. ORON. This is another best place to run business in Akwa Ibom state. Other good places to do business in Akwa Ibom are listed below.
  5. ETINAN:


Apart from this list, there are some other best place to run businesses in akwa ibom state. We will continue updating this list as we make more research about other places.



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