Best place to do business in uyo Akwa ibom state

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Best place to do business in uyo Akwa ibom state.


An Update on best place to do business in uyo Akwa ibom state.

There are many best places you can do business in Akwa ibom state and make so much profit from your business.

Akwa ibom state as  a whole has many good places for business. One of the best place to do business in Akwa ibom state is UYO. business ideasbusiness


Uyo as the State capital city remains the best place to run business in akwa ibom. Uyo is a good and conducive city both in the environment and every other aspect that you may think of.

Uyo is a peaceful place with standard power supply and good roads. Running a business in uyo is simple and profitable. Presently, there are thousands of businesses already established in uyo.

Most of the businesses in uyo are owned by outsiders from other states. There is enough population/consumers in uyo that enhances business growth.

Uyo is a large City own its own. There are actually many best places to do business in uyo Akwa ibom state. This is actually the reason why I wrote this article.

This article is to help you if you want to run any business in Akwa Ibom. Like I always say “it is advisable to consider some certain things before you start off any business in any environment”.

This is not applicable to businesses in Akwa Ibom State alone. Every good business man or woman should always take this into consideration before starting off.



  1. Environment. Uyo has a very good environment that supports any kind of business.
  2. Population. Uyo has enough population/consumers that enhances business growth.
  3. Power supply. Some part in uyo do have standard power supply. Also know that, it is not all parts in uyo that has standard power supply.
  4. Security. Uyo is a peaceful place that is very safe for any kind of legal business.
  5. Good access. There are good roads that connects all parts of uyo, akwa ibom state to other part within the city, state and other states.
  6. Beauty. Apart the business aspect. Running a business in a beautiful environment will also attract beautiful people to your business and you know what I mean by this. Uyo has beautiful places you can visit and make your sales to high profile personnel.



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  1. Ikpa road. This is where the University of uyo Town campus and annex Campus is located. Off ikpa road is another Uyo City Polytechnic. Some steps away from Ikpa road will land you at The Ibom Plaza.
  2. Nwaniba road. Nwaniba is where the University of Uyo main campus is located. Nwaniba has so many population and it has a very large land mass.
  3. Plaza. This is the center of business in uyo. Here you will see all sort of businesses and the poplution in The Ibom Plaza can from a L.G.A lol…
  4. Oron road. These is another conducive place in uyo to do business.
  5. Bassey Willington
  6. Abak Road. This road leads to the Akwa Ibom State International Stadium. There are a lot of businesses that can work out here.
  7. Schools. University Uyo 3 campuses in uyo alone is okay for your business. Other schools like Uyo City Polytechnic can contribute to its growth. There are also good secondary schools that can patronize your business.
  8. Edet Akpan Avenue known as 4 lane.
  9. Itam. This is where the Akwa ibom State general Itam park is located.

           10. Ikot Ekpene road. These road also begins from plaza.

  1. AKA road. Aka road begins from plaza. A lot of business man and women who doesn’t have place of stay always rush down to Aka road which is of no different from plaza in terms of sales/business.
  2. Ekom Iman Junction. This is a very populated place that exists between Uyo, Abak and Etinan. It is a junction that connect Uyo, Abak and Etinan.

Apart from knowing the best place to run business in Uyo akwa ibom state, there is also a need to checkout some other good places to run business in Akwa Ibom State like: IKOT EKPENE, ORON, ETINAN, MKPAT ENIN etc. checkout the complete best places to do business in Akwa ibom state here..


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