Best engineering course to study in Nigeria


Best engineering courses to study in Nigeria.

List of best Engineering course to study in Nigeria.

1.  Petroleum Engineering/Gas engineering:

This engineering course seem to be the best engineering course to study in Nigeria. Petroleum Engineers are they highest paid Engineers in Nigeria.

petroleum Engineers works in oil company 

Oil and gas happen to be the country most profitable resources so petroleum and gas Engineers always stand good chances of getting a highly paid jobs in oil companies. The very big problem about this course is that, they are so many people already in this field which makes it difficult for young graduates to get a way into their dream companies. More so, getting a job in any Nigerian”s oil company is not an easy task. But oil company workers in Nigeria earns nothing less than N 500,000 to even up to N 6,000,000 monthly salary at certain levels. The most common oil companies in Nigeria includes: Shell, EXxon Mobil, Chevron etc.


2. Civil Engineering/building Engineering:

civil Engineers at work


Construction as we know will never seize as government and individuals are building new structures daily. So Civil Engineers are highly demanded. Some of the best construction companies in Nigeria includes Julius Berger, Verini, Hensek etc.

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3. Electrical/Electronic Engineering:

This Best engineering course is considered more as one of the greatest problem we have in Nigeria is power supply.

So Nigerians are looking forward to welcoming new Electrical Engineers who will be able to get the country out of power supply failures.


4. Mechanical Engineering:

Another Best engineering course to study in Nigeria is Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineers are highly demanded both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Nigeria as a country that is still very far in automobiles and machinery is still looking for a way of empowering her young mechanical Engineers to be more creative and productive.


5. Chemical Engineering/industrial engineering:

This field of Engineering is so wide and it ranks both locally and internationally and globally among the best/top Engineering courses in the world.

A chemical industry

This course is one of the Best engineering course to study in Nigeria. Nigeria needs more production and industrialization in the country for more effective economy. And this calls for more chemical and industrial Engineers in the country.


6. Agric Engineering:

Agricultural production

Actually, agric engineers are one of the most needed engineers in Nigeria. But when considering the agricultural situation of the nation, I will advise candidates/aspirants to go for Agric Science rather than Agriculture Engineering. Agric engineers may not actually make it as large as Agric science students.


7. Computer Engineering:

This course is one of the best courses in the whole world. The reason why we don’t rank this course at the top of this our list best engineering course to study in Nigeria is because, computer science is preferable to computer Engineering in Nigeria.

Computer engineer at work

Graduates of computer science gain more advantage over computer Engineering in Nigeria. Computer engineering is limited to some aspect of computer while computer Science covers a very wide field of computer. So my advice for Nigerian students who have passion for computer should consider computer science rather than the engineering. But what ever the case maybe, computer Engineers are highly demanded in big companies, industries, banks and so on and they actually earn very huge salaries.


8. Food Engineering:

Food! Food!! Food!!! Yes, food. Food is very important in Nigeria as no one can survive without food. This course suppose to appear at the very top of this list. But the reason why comes to the bottom is because agriculture science is already dominating the provision/supplication of the food in the nation.

Food production Industry/store

While food engineering deals with cans/chemically processed foods, agricultural farmers produce natural food and raw materials which Food Engineers use to produce their own canned/chemically produce foods through some chemical processes. Nutritionally, Food products from agricultural farmers are more nutritional then food products from food engineers.

There are so many other good Engineering courses in the world. But in Nigeria, Petroleum Engineering seems to be the best engineering. I  use the word “seems”  because I don’t want to exaggerate because it is only considered the best engineering course to study in Nigeria and not in the whole world. But even within Nigeria, there are some Engineering courses that are better than petroleum engineering base on the factors of considerations. But we only rank this best engineering course to study in Nigeria base on the availability of materials for studies. Other top engineering courses in the world includes: Auronautical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Automobile Engineering, software engineering etc. Most of this courses are very professional courses in advanced countries/schools in the world. The reason why we only consider the above to be the best engineering course to study in Nigeria is because there truly are.

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