Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money

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Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money.

Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money updated!!!!
Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money. I am sharing the Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money and get paid X2 or even 3 within few weeks.
It is always cool to Invest money and double it in Few weeks and I guess everybody will love to do so.
So here today, I will show you Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money and get paid within a week.
If you are looking for a very cool and simple investment, then this Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money. will be a solution to you.
We will tell you all you need to know about the company, how you can use it to earn money without too much effort and whether you can trust it or not.
These days, it is hard to find genuine online investment companies that will not just take your money and ride off into the sunset. But don’t worry, I have made research and find the Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money that has been around for years.
I will tell and list the best Online Investment Opportunities in Nigeria with High Profit and Zero Risk here
Don’t be confuse, i will discuss this in a more detailed way.

What is the best Online Investment Opportunities in Nigeria with

High Profit and Zero Risk?

Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money.
Money Online Investment
There are varieties of online investment opportunities in Nigeria with low risk and high profit, which majority of people do not know about. Its either they are scared of the risk of investing in an online business or they fail to realize the profit that awaits them. Online investment opportunities in Nigeria are numerous and very profitable if you are committed to it and enough dedication is put in.

The reasons why you should consider any of the online investment opportunities in Nigeria is because it can help you financially apart from your main day to day business. Also, it will open your eyes to the idea that money can be made online legally. In addition, investing in online business can be very profitable for years to come. I have written about other offline investments in Nigeria with zero risks here. This one is basically for those who want to enter the world of online investments.

For those who do not know about any online investment opportunities in Nigeria, I will be listing and explaining them below:

Zero Risk Online Investment Opportunities in Nigeria.

1. Football Betting Outlet:

Running an online sports and virtuals betting shop can be tasking yet rewarding. This is  how you can also run a profitable sports and betting virtuals betting shop.

How Much Will it cost to run the business and how do I manage these costs?
There are some costs that you cannot do without, while some others can be managed. Find a breakdown of some of the costs you will need to incur on a monthly basis per shop

  1. Fuel: To run your generator, you need to fuel it. Depending on the situation of the public power in your area, you either may not have to use generator at all – in some areas, they have constant power only during the day, or you may have to run on generator for most of the day – majority of cities, town and villages in Nigeria. For this you may spend between 5000 and 20,000 Naira per month
  2. Internet: This business requires being online. Besides just being online, you need to purchase service from a good provider, otherwise all your effort to satisfy your customers will be frustrated. This will cost you between 2500 and 10,000 Naira per month
  3. PHCN: Well, either you use it or you don’t, you get billed – and you have to pay. So set aside between 500 and 4000 Naira per month; because if you are on post-paid, your bill will never be proportionate to your consumption.
  4. Salary: This is one area where one can easily get it wrong. First, do not pay your “sales people” a fixed amount. Since you get paid commission, which is performance based, you need to also ensure that your sales people are rewarded based on performance. I recommend a mix of salary + commission (e.g 1 – 2% of sales).
  5. Other Miscellaneous costs: These include dues, service charge, generator maintenance e.t.c.

How much will you make as commission?
This depends on the company you opt for. Commission will be calculated as a percentage of either gross sales or gross profit. Usually, you will be offered between 5 and 10% of gross sales or 30 and 50% of gross profit. In addition, your commission may be subject to profit/loss sharing, and some companies offer a mix of both gross sales and gross profit. As a business person, your aim is to maximize every opportunity after careful analysis has been done. By this I mean you may mix and match offers, based on factors such as competition, level of awareness, proximity to the city, timing, risk appetite e.t.c. Generally, stay away from offers that involve a profit/loss sharing, no matter how juicy the percentage may look.

This is not difficult to derive. Whatever is left from your commission after you have paid all your expenses will be your profit. To increase your profit, you can either do two things, 1. Reduce your cost or 2. Increase your commission by increasing sales or profit. On the average your target profit should be between 30 and 60% of your gross commission. The higher, the better.

2. Blogging

Blogging is another online business opportunity in Nigeria that requires just very little investment. it can be done from the comfort of your home. This requires you to create a webpage and start writing what you think people will like. I explained much about it when I wrote How to start an online business in Nigeria as a beginner. You can possibly look through it and gain more knowledge.

You cannot earn from your blog without having any form of adverts. Obviously, you will need to use the money to design the website you are starting up as well as purchase a domain from a hosting company. All these money you use in starting up the business amounts to the investment fee. When you have finally installed an advert platform on your website, all it then requires for you to start making money is traffic.

You can start your own blog here

Apart from making money through adverts, you can also make money from your blog through selling e-books and affiliate marketing. Investing starting up a blog does not demand huge capital but it requires passion, dedication and consistency to start making it big from blogging.

See how bloggers in Nigeria make upto $50,000 monthly here


3. Forex Trading

Forex trading in Nigeria involves buying and selling of currencies around the world, it can be started in Nigeria. This type of trading can be commenced in Nigeria with as little as N72,000. Before you become a successful forex trader in Nigeria, it is important you know the basics of it before investing.

The daunting factor is that there is a high risk when trading forex in Nigeria and around the world.  Both long-term investments and short-term investments can be done on forex trading. Investing in forex trading is not a constant thing in that you could make money today and lose it tomorrow.

forex trading as an online investment opportunity with low risk

Forex trading is also an online investment opportunity

You can start forex trading with the following steps:

  • Account opening with a legit forex broker
  • Understand the technical aspects of forex trading
  • Fund your forex trade account
  • Open a domiciliary account
  • Obtain some forex trading tools
  • Start investing

The above steps are to be followed if you want to engage in forex trading in Nigeria.


4. Web Flipping

Website flipping is also one of many online investment opportunities in Nigeria today. It is also widely practised around the country. Website flipping simply involves the buying and selling of websites.

In website flipping, you invest by buying established or non-established websites. And you make your profits by selling the bought websites. For example, if you buy a website for about N5000, you can sell it for about N20, 000 when all necessary things are done to make the website marketable. Majority of the webmasters and bloggers we have around in Nigeria makes a significant amount of money from flipping websites.

However, for you to make money from flipping websites, you must have the knowledge of designing websites as well as have the knowledge of monetizing the website. Website flipping does not require much investment fee to start up; you can purchase a website from the scratch and build it up before selling.

5. Online Tutor

Due to the busy nature of the working class set of people in the country, this has made this online business lucrative. The investment you have to make here is to purchase a laptop or pc as well as a fast data connection. Teaching people online is invoked nowadays. People make money at their leisure time by educating people online.

So if you are the type of person that loves teaching, why not take it online and see the impact. This online business can be done from the comfort of your home and will not require a lot of money to invest.

Why you should consider Online Investments in Nigeria

There are one thousand and one reasons why online investments are better than those other offline investments. It isn’t really because of the fact that it pays faster, it comes with a very high ROI. There are some online investment opportunities in Nigeria that give you more than 200% ROI (Return on Investment) in just 2 months. This is something that the banks can give you. These are the reasons you should consider online investments in Nigeria;

Fast Return on Investments

Do you know that most offline investments in Nigeria from banks and financial houses don’t offer more than 10% yearly? It is cheating, but there is nothing you can do about it. Instead of taking my money to any of those places, I invest it in any online investment portfolio and make money from it. My last investment made me 300k just within 3 months; all I invested was just 60k Naira. Instead of looking for offline investments that won’t pay you much, consider any of these online investments and start making money from it.

Majority are secured

These online investment opportunities in Nigeria that I have explained to you will only fail if you don’t manage it well. They have served me for a very long period of time, so I speak with so much confidence. Unless you are lazy, that is when it might not be secured for you.

You can always monitor your investments and cash-out

The last time I created a blog and it was making money for me. Then at a point, it stopped making money; I then realized that it was becoming a liability and sold it off immediately. That is the advantage of investing online; once it is no longer becoming profitable, you would just sell it immediately. So, why don’t you start today?

There are other reasons, and they are below.

  • No legal deductions
  • You can start right from your home
  • It can make you a millionaire overnight



The amount of Money you can make from the above mentioned Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money can not be certain. It varies base on your strategies.

Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money.
Money Grows On Money Online Investment

How much Money Should You Invest on this Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money.

Well, your investment should be base on your available capital. Some of this Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money like Blogging will not cost you upto N10,000 at a start. You can start your blog here for free


That was one of the Best Company In Nigeria To Invest Money. Please Invest wisely…

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