Best Business To Run In School Campus

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Best Business To Run In School Campus.


This post is the Latest update on: best business to run in school campus..

I have written a very Good Post on How To Make Money As a Student In Nigeria which you can read here.

Today, I will sharing the best business to run in school campus with you.

You will accept it with me that one of the biggest challenge students do face in school is usually financial..

As a student, you should not fully depend on the money your parent send to. If you can manage your time, then there are some best business to run in school campus as a student which I will share with you today.

Best Business To Run In School Campus

Best Business To Run In School Campus As a Student.

There are multiple business to run in school campus but only few are advisable to engage in. Now, the question is “ What are the best business to run in school campus As a Student In Nigeria?”.

Best Business To Run In School Campus

Things To Consider Before Running a Business In Campus As a Student

Knowing Best Business To Run In School Campus is not the problem. But the problem is ” How can you manage your studies and still create time to Run your Business as a student in Nigeria?

Below are some of the challenges you should curb before you start this business journey:


Many schools in Nigeria don’t really give much attention to part time studies while others doesn’t offer such programs. This means that, many university in Nigeria offer full time programs which makes it harder for students to schedule their activities and find part time jobs.

But Don’t worry, As  you read through this guide on the Best Business To Run In School Campus, you will discover how to manage your time and make money while still taking your full time academic activities. I will guide you on the Best Business To Run In School Campus As a Student In Nigeria despite the challenges..


This is one of the most needed skill when dealing with business. Even if I tell you the Best Business To Run In School Campus As a Student In Nigeria, you will also have to know that you can’t just achieve them merely. You must apply so much technical skills to achieve some of them.


Best Business To Run In School Campus…. Some of the ways to make money online as a student in Nigeria listed here, involves the use of electronic devices like Printer, Laptop, phone, scanner etc.. You also need phone for communication in case of business connections.


For those that will be interested in knowing How To Make Money As a Student In Nigeria through some of the best business to run in school that we will list here, you must make sure your posses business-like features if you want to excel.

We will help you plan your business for you and also tell you the best business to run in school campus here…


In many Universities in Nigeria, a lot of student use what they have to get make money. Yes, don’t quote me negatively. As a student, you can use your skills, your Knowledge, your talent to make money from other students. But before you proceed to starting your self expression, you must first of all know who you are and what you can do that can impress people to pay and receive your service. Else, your become a mockery.


All you were looking for was How To Make Money As a Student In Nigeria.. Yes I know. But sometimes, a lot of student look for money without knowing why they should learn How To Make Money As a Student In Nigeria or what they will use the money for. So if you are here today to see How To Make Money As a Student In Nigeria, then I will also guide you on why You need to know the Best Business To Run In School Campus As a Student In Nigeria before you even seek for admission into any Tertiary Institution In Nigeria.

Why you should Know This Best Business To Run In School Campus

Below are some of the reasons why You should know and learn How To Make Money As a Student In Nigeria:

1. To Relief Load from your Sponsors:

If you have a sponsor who pour a lot of money into your pocket as a student, then take a leave because this post is not for you. But if you feel the pains and need of relieving some of the financial load from your sponsor, then go ahead and read down to see How To Make Money As a Student In Nigeria which is at the bottom of this post.

2. To live A better Life As A Student:

It is not a crime to live a better and wealthy life as a student. If you have money as a student, then schooling will become more interesting and easy for you. Imagine A situation whereby, you can buy yourself good food/meals, Buy all necessary materials that aids studies, dress well and fit or even buy yourself a car without cracking your head or tearing your pocket.. Exactly, that is why I have come to show you How To Make Money As a Student In Nigeria Today.

Top Best Business To Run In School Campus

1. Start Cyber Cafe Business

One of the most lucrative business in campus in online registration, printing, photocopying, scanning and laminating.

Back then, while I was in school, I had a few friends who were into the printing and photocopy business within the school compound. So, I can tell you without an atom of doubt that it is highly profitable.


Best Business To Run In School Campus

A lot of printing and photocopying activities go on in school environment; which explains why it is a lucrative business to setup in school compounds.

Another good thing about it is that, since you’re your own boss, you can choose the number of hours you wish to work.

On another hand, you could choose to employ someone to take care of the photocopying and printing; so you can focus on your academics and only assume the supervisor’s role.

2.Transportation service:

If you go to a rural or suburban school where students need transportation to do simple things and you have a car, start a transportation service.

3. Tutoring service:

If you’re attending college on scholarship and know a required subject very well start a tutoring service for local elementary or high school students who want to get into a good school like you. You can also record your tutorials and sell them as downloads online.

Taking private home lessons is something that shouldn’t consume too much of your time. In fact, you can combine and integrate it with your study seamlessly.

Similarly, I had several course mates who were not so strong financially and had to take private home lessons for some extra-bucks. And they still ended up doing exceptionally well academically.

Best Business To Run In School Campus
4. Career counseling service:

If you’re a good communicator think about going to the on campus career center and meeting some of the employers and recruiters who are there. Learn what they are looking for and then become a career coach and counselor to other students (but market to their parents).

5. Start Delivery service:

Are there established businesses in the area that could boost their business by being able to deliver? Become their delivery service.

You can link up with phones, laptops, clothe sellers etc and promise to connect your fellow students to buy from them and negotiate to get a percentage per buyer that you refer to them. You can even do this online on Jiji.

Best Business To Run In School Campus

But make sure you refer people to buy goods/products from original owners to avoid problem. See how to become a sales agent and start making upto N50,ooo monthly here

6. Staffing service specializing in internships:

Start an on-campus staffing service where you help local or national businesses connect with the best students for internships and help students who want to do internships find the best opportunity.

7. Personal training service:

Are you athletic and into sports? Think about starting a personal training service either at the on-campus facility or a local fitness facility.

8. Food service and delivery:

If you go to a college in an area where late night food establishments aren’t available or there is only one that doesn’t have a great variety (like the Huddle House, which was the only place open at night at the first college I attended).

You can also Cook And Serve Food

Best Business To Run In School Campus

A lot of students might find this embarrassing. But that doesn’t change the fact that, this is one of the best ways of making money as a student in Nigeria.

A lot of students especially the ones that live in hostels hardly cook on their own.. Many of them solely depend on restaurants/eateries. So satisfying their wants to make your own money is the business we are talking about here..

You can open a particular point or spot and establish your own eatery or Restaurant as the case may be.

9. Party promotion:

If you like to party, know how to promote and know how to get the right deejays and party people to your events then becoming a campus Diddy might be for you.

10. On boarding service for international students:

Many students from other countries attend American colleges and universities. For those who have not lived in America for awhile or for those who have lived in homogeneous neighborhoods until attending college, the college experience may be overwhelming. If you enjoy meeting new people and are compassionate perhaps you can work with the office of student affairs at your school to create a welcoming service and hospitality program for international students.

11. Graphic arts and design services for presentations and papers:

If you enjoy graphic arts and presentation design and you’re good at it, think about offering these services to students (and perhaps, professors) who want to spiff up their research and reports.

12. Resume writing service:

Are you good at finding the best angles to present information?Start a resume writing service helping students put their experience in the best possible format and phrasing to attract interview and career opportunities.

13. Image consulting:

Have you always been considered a fly guy or fly girl? Help students improve their image in general or for professional interviews.

14. Body Care services:

Provide hair cuts or hair styling as a mobile barber or stylist.

15. Build Up a Website or smartphone app To Get All Together:

Your college mates might want to know that is going on around the campus. So you can start a website or smartphone app to allow group rating, chat and comments so everyone can link up and know what is going on around the campus. This was how Facebook started.

16. Student awards program:

Everyone is looking for a way to get ahead in today’s competitive job market. Team up with student affairs or the Student Government Association to start an on-campus student awards program where students are rated and awarded in certain categories that are relevant to future career success. Charge an entry fee and look for sponsors. This is a cool way for students to get accolades they can add to the list of credentials that can be presented to possible employers.

17. Performing arts troupe:

Did you sing, dance and act in high school? Put on plays or performances at your school or in the local community and charge for tickets. Or, start a local America’s Got Talent-type contest.

18. Photography and video services:

If you have a great eye for composing scenes and images consider starting a photography and video service. You can offer head shots to students and faculty and help local businesses near your college produce and post videos online.

19. Mobile boutique

Do you always get compliments on your style? Consider starting a mobile boutique selling to your classmates and be a walking billboard for your own business.

20. T-shirt company:

Really cool T-shirts just never get old and they’re the standard uniform for lots of college students. Come up with neat designs or funny sayings or create custom shirts for on-campus organizations and find someone to print the shirts for you and you’re in business!

21. Assignment/Project Assistant:

A lot of students in the campus are usually lazy to do their assignment/project themselves. You can market yourself and create awareness that you render project and Reviews, research and Term paper assistance.

22. Become A consultant/Agent:

You can become a scholarship Consultant or House Agent and link up students to scholarships and apartment and make your own money from it as a service fee.




How to come up with a business idea

  • Do some research: what do people need or want? Think of an everyday obstacle – how can it be overcome?
  • If you could provide or invent something that would make life easier, better, safer, fairer or cheaper – what would it be?
  • What are you really good at or love doing? Perhaps start with that!
  • Think about what business ventures might support your future or education.

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