NECO Physics Questions And Answers 2020/2021 [OBJ & Theory Expo]

New NECO Physics Answers 2020 [OBJ & Theory Expo] Update:

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Updated NECO Physics Exam Questions And Answers Expo 2020.

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Neco Physics Exam Questions and answers Papers sheets

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How To Answer NECO Physics Objective Questions [Section A]

NECO section A contains Objective Questions of 4 or 5 different options. In case, how do you choose a correct Answer form this 4 or 5 options?

To the correct Answer form those different options, follow the steps below:

1. Read a particular question more than once before trying to choose an answer.

2. Answer the questions you know first.

3. Imagine and try recalling what the correct answer is.

4. Pay particularly close attention to words like “notsometimesalways, and never.” An answer that includes always must be irrefutable. If you can find a single counterexample, then the answer is not correct. The same holds true for the word never. If an answer option includes never a single counterexample will indicate the answer is not the correct.

5. Eliminate each clearly wrong options that you know that are odd.

6. Using the process of elimination, cross out all the answers you know are incorrect, then focus on the remaining answers. Not only does this strategy save time, it greatly increases your likelihood of selecting the correct answer.

7. When two answers are correct in a multiple choice question with an “All of the above” option, then it’s probably the correct choice.

8. If all else tactics fails, then guess like a street magician and you may get it right.


How to Answer NECO Physics Theory Questions [Section B].


NECO Theory Questions are not the same as the Objective Questions. NECO theory exam questions can sometimes be  intimidating especially when you have no self-confidence.

The first thing you have to do when you are about to answer NECO theory Questions is to eliminate fear and believe that you can make it..

NECO theory Questions always come in different forms and format and each format needs a unique and correct answer.

To Answer any NECO theory question, follow this steps.

  1. Go through the exam’s instructions first before you start answering its questions.
  2. Read a particular question twice or thrice before you give and answer
  3. Understand each question and what the examiner is really looking for.
  4. Start your answer by echoing the question if it is an essay question.
  5. Go through your Answers to make sure all your writings and answers are well spelled and accurately presented.

NECO Physics Theory Exam Answers Structure 2020

When answering theories or Essay questions, take note of the following and how you should present your answers:

  • Describe: This means you should say what you see – no need for reasons. You can give a detailed account, using examples
  • State: Provide a factual report with no explanation or opinion.
  • List: Write down bullet points, not paragraphs. Keep it brief.
  • Explain: give reasons
  • Outline: give a brief summary
  • Analyse: go into detail
  • Compare: what are the similarities and differences?
  • Contrast: what are the differences?
  • Calculate: use numbers given to work out the value of something
  • Define: give the meaning of something
  • Evaluate: consider both sides – pros and cons
  • Justify: give evidence to explain something
  • To what extent: Judge the importance or success of something – has it worked or not
  • Argue: present a case with evidence or reasons
  • Assess: Weigh up / give an informed judgement
  • Comment on: give your opinion on something
  • Debate: give different perspective

The NECO Physics Questions And Answers 2020 format for paper 1

Below are sample NECO Physics Questions and answers for NECO candidates to practice.

All you need to do is to keep on refreshing this page for the NECO Physics Questions And Answers 2020 obj.

The NECO Physics Questions And Answers 2020 sample questions for paper 1

1. The total energy required to send a unit positive charge round a complete electrical circuit is the
A) kinetic energy
B) potential difference
C) electromotive force
D) electrical energy

2. Which the following is an essential physical property of the wires used for making fuse?
A) low density
B) high thermal conductive
C) low electrical resistivity
D) low melting point

3. Which of following is most suitable for protecting the circuit of 2000W electric iron connected to a 250y mains?
A) 13A
B) 8A
C) 5A
D) 3A

4. Electrical power is transmitted at a high voltage rather than low voltage because the amount of energy loss is due to
A) heat dissipation
B) production of eddy currents
C) excessive current discharge
D) excessive voltage discharge

5. A lamp is rated 240V, 60W. The resistance of the filament is
A) 960ΩΩ
B) 16ΩΩ
C) 15ΩΩ
D) 4ΩΩ

6. A 0 – 1 OmA galvanometer with a coil resistance of 3052 can be converted to a 0-10mA ammeter by using
A) 0.03 series resistor
B) 0.03 shunt resistor
C) 9.99 shunt resistor
D) 9.99 series resistor

7. What precaution should a manufacturer take to ensure that energy loss in a transformer is minimized?
A) the winding of the transformer should be made of high resistance wire
B) the core should be made of thin sheets of metal
C) no magnetic material should be used to make the core
D) the flux linking the primary with the secondary coils should be minimum

8. A substance has a half life of 3mm. After 6 min, the count rate was observed to be 400. What was its count rate at zero time?
A) 200
B) 1,200
C) 1,600
D) 2,400
9.The photocell works on the principle of the
A) voltaic cell
B) emission of electron by incident radiation
C) emission of protons by incident electrons
D) photographic plate

10. A light wave of frequency 5 ×× l01414Hz moves through water which has refractive index of 4343. Calculate the wavelength in water if the velocity of light in air is 3 ×× 1088ms−1−1
A) 4.5 ×× 10−7−7m
B) 6.0 ×× 10−7−7m
C) 1.7 ×× 1066m
D) 2.2 ×× 1066m

11. A satellite is in a parking orbit if its period is
A. More than the period of the earth
B. Equal to the period of the earth
C. The square of the period of the earth
D. Less than the period of the earth

12. What does not drop through an open umbrella of silk material unless the inside of the umbrella is touched
A. Osmotic pressure
B. Capillarity
C. Surface tension
D. Viscosity

13. A bead traveling on a straight wire is brought to rest at 0.2m by friction. If the mass of the bead is 0.01kg and the coefficient of friction between the bead and the wire is 0.1, determine the work done by the friction
A. 2 x 10-3J
B. 2 x 102J
C. 2 x 10-4J
D. 2 x 101J [g= 10ms-2]

14. The stylus of a phonograph record exerts a force of 77. x 10-2N on a groove of radius 10-5m. Compute the pressure exerted by the stylus on the groove.
A. 2.42 x 109 Nm-2
B. 4.90 x 108Nm-2
C. 2.45 x 108Nm-2
D. 3.45 x 108Nm-2

15. A piece of stone attached to one end of a string is whirled round in a horizontal circle and the string suddenly cuts. The stone will fly off in a direction.
A. Tangential to the circular path
B. Perpendicular to the circular path
C. Towards the centre of the circle
D. Parallel to the circular path.

16. A test tube of radius 1.0cm is loaded to 8.8g. If it is placed upright in water, find the depth to which it would sink.
A. 25.2 cm
B. 2.8 cm
C. 28.0 cm
D. 5.2 cm [g = 10ms-2 density of water 1 000kgm-3].

17. A 90cm uniform lever has a load of 30N suspended at 15cm from one of its ends. If the fulcrum is at the centre of gravity, the force that must be applied at its other end to keep it in horizontal equilibrium is
A. 20 N
B. 30 N
C. 60 N
D. 15 N

18. On top of a spiral spring of force constant 500 Nm-1 is placed a mass of 5 x 10-3kg. If the spring is compressed downwards by a length of 0.02m and then released, calculate the height to which the mass is projected
A. 2 m
B. 8 m
C. 1 m
D. 4 m

19. A hose of cross-sectional area 0.5m2 is used to discharge water from a water thank at a velocity of 60ms-1 in 20s into a container. If the container is filled completely, the volume of the container is
A. 600 m3
B. 6 000 m3
C. 240 m3
D. 2 400 m3

20. A force of 100N is used to kick a football of mass 0.8kg. Find the velocity with which the ball moves if it takes 0.8s to be kicked.
A. 100ms-1
B. 32ms-1
C. 50ms-1
C. 64ms-1

NECO Physics Theory Exam 2020 format (paper 2)

Below are last year NECO answers for Physics theory that we provided for our candidates. Don’t worry about this NECO Physics Questions And Answers 2020.

All you need to do is to keep on refreshing this page for the NECO Physics Questions And Answers 2020 theory of this year. It will be posted here in few minutes.


1aii) i)used for communication
ii)used for access geographically dispersed terrains and uneven topography that characterise the nations landscappe

1b) Given: Object distance for eyepiece, U=3.0cm
Final image distance, V=?
Focal length of eyepiece, F=5.0cm
using the mirror/lens formular
multiplying through with 15v(
the final image is virtual and 7.5cm from the eyepiece on the same side of the eyepiece as the object

2) Given Radius, r=25m
linear velocity, v=20m|s
centripetal acceleration,a=?

Guides and Tips on How to get this NECO Physics Questions And Answers 2020 free.

Below are the step-by-step guides on how to get this NECO Physics Questions And Answers 2020 free and fair.

Proper Preparation For NECO Physics Exam 2020

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