Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020/2021

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Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020/2021.

Latest update on: Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020

If you are here on this page, then have it in mind that this page contains Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020..

In this post, I will be giving you all the Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 Expo which you can use to write and pass this exam…

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Jamb Mathematics Questions And Answers 2020


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JAMB Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 NaijaFocus.


How To Answer JAMB Commerce Objective Questions [Section A]

1. Read a question twice or more before trying to choose an answer.

2. Answer the questions you know first.

3. Imagine and try recalling what the correct answer is.

4. Pay particularly close attention to words like “notsometimesalways, and never.” An answer that includes always must be irrefutable. If you can find a single counterexample, then the answer is not correct. The same holds true for the word never. If an answer option includes never a single counterexample will indicate the answer is not the correct.

5. Eliminate each clearly wrong options that you know that are odd.

6. Using the process of elimination, cross out all the answers you know are incorrect, then focus on the remaining answers. Not only does this strategy save time, it greatly increases your likelihood of selecting the correct answer.

7. When two answers are correct in a multiple choice question with an “All of the above” option, then it’s probably the correct choice.

8. If all else tactics fails, then guess like a street magician and you may get it right.

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Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020

Are you wondering what I will share with you today? If yes, then I will advise you to stay calm and follow this Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 post Step-by-step to avoid missing any answer.

Without wasting your time, I will share the correct Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 Expo/tips that you should use to pass this Exam..

Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 Expo

The best Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 Expo that you should be expecting for now should be this correct Tips/Expo for passing Jamb Commerce Exam..

I have made a very nice Guide,Tips and Expo on Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 that will help you throughout this exam and in every other exam.


Mistakes To Avoid If You Want to Make It In This Exam.

Take note that when you’re writing the Jamb UTME examination, it is NOT A MUST that you must answer a question before moving to answer the next one! If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, just click on the skip button below that page and move on to the next question! Remember, you have only 3 hours, 30 minutes to answer all questions.

There is no point wasting time on subject you aren’t good at. Start with your simplest subject and then with the next one.


Jamb Instructions to follow To Pass Well

Below are strict Jamb instructions that you need to follow if you don’t want to be penalize by your examiner. These instructions will also help you to perform very well in the exam.

  1. Don’t Let the examiner see you cheating else, that maybe the end of your exams.
  2. Read and study very hard and do well to follow the JAMB Exams Instructions strictly..
  3. Wake up early so that you do not need to rush through having breakfast and getting ready.
  4. Have a balanced breakfast and eat nothing risky (probably not the best day to have a super-hot curry!). Bananas are always a good option.
  5. Before leaving home, check that you have everything that you will need for the exams and make sure you go with them.
  6. Head to the exam venue like 1 hour before the commencement of the exams because unexpected events may occur on your way while going.
  7. If there are people around who are panicking, avoid them. They are not doing you any favor!
  8. Go to the toilet before the exam starts. Exams can be quite long and there is no time to waste. So make sure you is yourself before coming into the exams hall to avoid taking unnecessary excuses.
  9. Remember to write your name on the exam paper. You would not believe how many people have forgotten to do it!
  10. Read all the questions carefully before starting and quickly plan how much time to allocate to each.
  11. Start answering the questions that you feel most confident about. There is no need to answer the questions in order.
  12. If your brain get stuck, just start writing anything and you will start remembering more details.
  13. Trust yourself that you can do it without Expo.
  14. Read all the JAMB Examination instructions before you start the exams.
  15. Add speed to your writing.
  16. Revise and review your answers before submitting.


Jamb Expo

To shock You, you will not see nor get any Jamb Expo anywhere.. Jamb is highly secured so no one will ever share nor give you correct Commerce Questions And Answers 2020… But with this Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 guide you should be able to get things working..


How to Prepare And Pass Any Exam Without Expo

The truth is that using expo or runs to pass your exam will always affects you in the future, so try and prepare well by yourself and come  and come out with good grades. How can i prepare well?

  • Make use of JAMB syllabus 2020.
  • Use JAMB recommend textbooks.
  • Study with JAMB past questions.
  • Attend private lesson.


The Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 Samples

1.Which of the following is an item in the marketing mix?
A. Demand
B. promotion
C. market
D. consumer

2. The business unit that applies the principle of one man, one vote is ______
A. sole proprietorship
B. partnership
C. public company
D. co-operative society

3. The type of activity which turns processed raw materials into consumer and industrial goods is described as ________
A. extractive
B. manufacturing
C. constructive
D. processing

4. Land as a factor of production does not vary in _______
A. quantity
B. nature
C. quality
D. cost

5. The effects of devaluation includes all except _______
A. exports become cheaper
B. expansion of local industries
C. increase in standard of living
D. increase in import

6. The West African clearing House became legally operational on
A. 1st july, 1976
B. 25th june, 1975
C. 14th march, 1975
D. 3rd may, 1974

7. The lake Chad Basin commission was founded to enable member states
A. expand the volume of water in the lake for fishing activities
B. increase navigational activities on the lake
C. dam the lake for electricity and agricultural purposes
D. co-ordinate their efforts in managing the use of the lake’s resources

8. What are the factors with which commercial undertaking can be distinguish?
I Size of the undertaking
IIProfits generated
III Forms of ownership
IV Location of the undertaking
A. I and II only
B. I andIII only
C. II and III only
D. III and IV only

9. Freight note is a document
A. used by government to transport goods from one country to another
B. issued by a shipping company giving details of charges
C. used for payment for imported goods
D. given by an importer to pay for goods at a future period

1O. Spot market goods are those which are available for
A. immidiate delivery
B. short-term delivery
C. long-term delivery
D. end of the delivery



We share this Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 with you because we love you. Your success is our biggest concern. We want you to make it with just one sitting in your jamb exams. So that is why we are sharing this with you.



It is very proper for us to clarify you that we don’t in anyway have access to jamb questions in any subject. Our list of Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 is just a considered possible commerce questions and answers base on some criteria that we have taken into consideration.



Exactly. There are very sure Jamb Commerce Questions And Answers 2020 Tips. All you need to do is to take a careful look at each of the guides here to find out the once that matters to you.

With the above guide, performing well in Any Exam is Guarantee.

I guess that was a very nice guide…..


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