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1. The Authors must have a track record of writing great content or Providing

  • Don’t Submit Spam. We Google your name to make sure you aren’t pushing out spammy content throughout the web.
  • Make sure you aren’t linking your post to spam websites.
  • We only accept post from authors who write content that is at least 600 words, if not 1,500. We don’t accept 400 words blog post, to avoid writers who are just trying to crank out content for links.
  • Be careful of the links on your post. This is probably the most tricky part about evaluating our guest posts.
  • Your post should contain a minimum links of at least 4 to 6 links– either to the author’s website, Twitter handle, or his/her blog.
  1. The content must be detailed and unique

We will never accept content that isn’t detailed or unique. What I mean by detailed is that the content needs to be at least 600 words with no fluff. You can always make a post meatier by adding details and steps, so why not take an extra hour and write a better blog post?

I also won’t accept a blog post on a topics that have been beaten to death.

  1. Be picky: Even if a guest post is good, it doesn’t mean you should publish it. The content needs to be great!
  1. You need to fully own the content. We don’t accept Copied and paste contents.
  2. Authors need to help build and support your community. You must help us to build online supports and community base on you capacity.

What we don’t accept

  • We won’t accept posts with spelling or grammar errors. If a post has those, it means the author didn’t spend too much time on it.
  • Make sure you believe in the post because if you don’t, the readers won’t.
  • The content has to fit in with our blog theme and niche.


We won’t;

  1. Give out author accounts details neither will we share it.
  2. Go against our promise.
  3. Fail you.


  1. You and your goods or services must be a trusted one.
  2. We don’t advertise Illegal goods like drugs etc.
  3. Your advert must be such that matches with the contents of this site.
  4. You can only see your advert on our site immediately you pay your advert fee.
  5. Advert payments last for a duration of time which after then has to be renewed if the advertiser wishes so.
  6. In the case of refunding and asking for termination of advert, the money you paid will only be refund in compliance with how long your ads have been showing on our site And the advertiser must also state reasons for the Termination


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